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November 2000 News, Articles & Reports:

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FOUN Boletim La’o Hamutuk: [PDF formatu]
Vol. 1, No. 3, 17 Novembro 2000
Hari Sistema Saude Nasional iha Timor Lorosa’e:

Nov AW: Timor Watch: Analysis of development proposals of international agencies  Project proposal added Mar 10
"The aim of this project is to ensure that the East-Timorese people determine their own future.  In contrast, it is becoming increasingly evident that the development banks, and other development agencies are dictating the terms of reconstruction. We have been monitoring the reconstruction process with great concern." AID/WATCH

Nov 30 TimAid: Health and Nutrition in Coleate Leotelo Added Dec 17

Nov 30 OTL: Emprego e desemprego após um ano de intervenção internacional  Report added Mar 29
"A taxa de desemprego continua a ser preocupante, sobretudo nas cidades, por ainda se manter nos 80%. A situação é particularmente sensível em Díli, onde coexistem duas sociedades com modos e níveis de vida muito distintos. ... As qualificações dos candidatos aos empregos, em particular para a função pública, devem ser ajuizadas em função das realidades locais e não no âmbito de um quadro importado, estranho a essas realidades. É neste sentido que, desde a chegada da UNTAET, o conhecimento da língua inglesa se apresenta como uma qualificação prioritária para a administração das N.U., mas não para Timor Leste."   Observatório Timor Leste

Nov 30 ETO: Employment & unemployment one year after int'l intervention  Report updated Mar 29
"Unemployment - still at around 80% - continues to be a major concern, especially in East Timor's cities. The situation has become highly sensitive in Dili, where society is clearly two-tier, divided by very different ways and standards of living. ... The qualifications of job applicants, especially those of applicants to the civil service, ought to be adjusted to match the local reality, rather than have to adhere to an imported, out of touch framework. In this respect, ever since UNTAET'S arrival, English language skills have become a priority requirement for the UN administration - not for East Timor." East Timor Observatory

Nov 29 IPS: Oil & Good Relations Don't Mix
"The view of East Timor, which was shared by UNTAET, was that the Australian-Indonesian treaty was illegal because Indonesia didn't have the authority to make any decisions," Peter Galbraith, head of UNTAET negotiating team

Nov 29 GLW: UN goes soft on militias  Article
"When asked about the security situation and the Indonesian government's steps to try those responsible for human rights abuses, Andjaba replied the government "has tried its best" and that "I don't think it is time now for an international criminal tribunal". Andjaba's comments echo those of UN representatives and Western governments throughout the year: in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, they are defending the Indonesian government's position that it alone should conduct investigations into the post-ballot violence in East Timor and bring those responsible to justice. It looks unlikely that those ultimately responsible, including former TNI head General Wiranto, will face trial. Or if they do it will be a long, drawn out process open to manipulation." Jon Land

Nov 28 2000 FRETILIN: Lu Olo's speech during the hoisting of RDTL flag ceremony  Speech added Apr 27
"Today we commemorate the 25th anniversary of Democratic Republic of East Timor (RDTL) proclaimed by Central Committee of FRETILIN. In order to officialise this historical date. We will hoist the flag that signify the clear conscious of the political, cultural, moral, and social responsibilities. To affirm the long responsibility of FRETILIN towards Maubere People during the toughest 24 years of resistance and the struggle to materialise the will of being free and independent. ...
We serve as an engine of construction, for a tolerant society, and the backbone to achieve peace and stability to our nation. We contribute decisively to finding ways in the process of democratisation, to respect each other differences. Here we reaffirm that democracy is our priority and another quest for our struggle. Multi-party system is the way to go without any complexity. We are embarking on a history of glory without violence. To respect the rights of Mau-Beres and Bi-beres, Children, young and old, as well as every Timorese with different ethnic background." Lu Olo, General Coordinator of FRETILIN

Nov 28 CAA: The Timor Gap Treaty: Latest News  Added Dec 26
"The real problem for the Australian government lies in the wider consequences of a redrawn boundary in the Timor Gap. ... Indonesia might well seek to renegotiate the entire maritime boundary between Australia and Indonesia, using the renegotiated boundary between East Timor and Australia as a precedent. From the Australian point of view, this would endanger a much wider area of potential oil or gas reserves, of which the Timor Gap is only the centrepiece." CAA Update

Nov 22 KY: Danish survey highlights trauma, torture in E. Timor
"Many people in East Timor have been tortured during the island's recent violent history and are now suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a survey conducted Copenhagen-based International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT). The study found that 57% of 1,033 East Timorese residents questioned in June and July this year said they had experienced some form of torture. ... The organization said too often the psychological needs of post-conflict countries are ignored at the expense of the physical rebuilding of a nation." Kyodo News Service

Nov 19 AFP: Scars of vote violence remain real for many East Timor women

Nov 18 Lancet: Torture & trauma in post-conflict East Timor  Added Dec 9
"Our study also found that East Timorese people look primarily to family members, the church, and the local community for assistance, although they are willing to approach a doctor or community nurse for problems that they perceive as being health related. Psychosocial and rehabilitation programmes are therefore likely to be most effective if they are family and community oriented." International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT)

Novembro 2000 BLH: Hari Sistema Saude Nasional iha Timor Lorosa’e  Overview added Nov 1 2001
"Ema barak nebe iha interse maka’as atu evolve sistema saudi nian fo kritika bar-barak kona ba dejenvolvimentu iha aspektu ida ne’e. Kritiku nebe ema barak hatene (Common) mak kona ba konsultasaun nebe ladun to’o ho populasaun lokal, ONG internasional no partner lokal sira nebe involve iha sektor saudi. Nune’e mos ema barak ladun fiar katak fundu la dun adekuadu atu bele fo garantia ba standar saudi minimu no sustainabilidadi praju-naruk em termus provisaun servisu saudi nian. Iha linha nebe hanesan iha mos concerns kona ba sasan tekniku nebe la to’o iha fatin atu hala’o treinu ba. ... Konstrusaun ba facilidadi saudi nian nudar area ida nebe kompanhia lokal sira potensialmente bele partisipa. Maibe tamba Banku Mundial ho DHS rekere standar nebe as teb-tebes ba kontrator sira, no aceita de’it tawaran kontrak ba grupu hosi klinika lima, ida ne’e la dun fo fiar katak timor oan sira nebe halo bisnis (ONG lokal ka internasional) sei simu kontratu ruma. Atu kaer projektu hirak ne’e precija kapital no kapacidadi nebe boot teb-tebes). Resultadu nebe ita bele hetan hosi ne’e mak osan tokon ba tokon sei ba para hotu iha malae sira nia liman. Osan sira ne’e sei la hela iha Timor atu ajuda hodi hametin ekonomia lokal." La’o Hamutuk, Instituto Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitoring Reconstrucao

Nov 17 BLH: Saude, Oekusi, Deskulpas, no Mina: Koneksaun Timor Lorosa’e ho Australia  Editorial added Jan 23
"Tanba ne’e maka Lao Hamutuk husu ba Governu Australianu atu halo kotu sira nia tuntutan ba direitu ruma kona ba mina no gas natural iha Timor Gap. La haré ba meritus legais nebe Timor Lorosa’e iha (ne’e be makas tebes), justisa basika haruka atu Canberra rekonhece no husu deskulpa tan sira nia passadu nebe halo moe tebes. Manifestasaun konkretu kona ba akto ida ne’e sei fo fatin ba Timor Lorosa’e atu menikmati, tanpa sanksi, beneficius hotu nebe sei hetan husi depositu mina no gas natural iha Timor Gap." BLH

Nov 17 LHB: Building a National Health System for East Timor  Feature article added Jan 27
"the lack of significant inclusion of local businesses and organizations in the construction of health centers is a manifestation of a larger problem: the marginalization of local interests in the development of the national health sector." LHB

Nov 17 LHB: Health, Wealth, Apologies and Oil: The East Timor-Australia ConnectionEditorial added Jan 20
"La’o Hamutuk calls upon the Australian government to cease its demand for any rights to the oil and natural gas in the Timor Gap. ... basic justice requires that Canberra recognize and apologize for its shameful past. A concrete manifestation of such an act would be to allow East Timor to enjoy without sanction the full benefits of the oil and natural gas deposits in the Timor Sea. Such a gesture would be good for Australia’s political health." LHB

Nov 17 LHB: Lessons from Indonesia’s Health System  Added Dec 26

Nov 17 LHB: Vision for a People-Centered Health System in East Timor
"Preventative [health], rather than curative, strategies are at the center. Local involvement and empowerment is the key. Village women are the number one health resource of East Timor. They, more than anyone, exhibit concern for health in the community."
Dan Murphy, Bairo Pite Clinic, Dili

Nov 17 LHB: Health Care and Privatization: Lessons from Mozambique

Nov 13 The East Timorese NGO Forum: Meeting with UN Security Council
"Is UNTAET committed to the participation of East Timorese civil society or only to consultation in the performance of the mandate?
The National Council is not a democratically elected parliament. UNTAET should not treat it as such. Until there is a democratically elected Congress, UNTAET must make greater efforts to ensure the participation of interested East Timorese groups in the law and policy making processes. The recent budget processes in the National Council with minimal public hearings and inadequate publication of documentary materials highlights the lack of transparency in the law and policy process. While welcoming the mandate, the NGO Forum urges UNTAET to decentralize in its attempts to fulfill its mandate." Forum Nacional ONG Timor Lorosa'e / The East Timor National NGO Forum

Nov 11 2000 & Oct 1990 RN: Xanana Gusmao interviews
"what I feel is that if we improve the social and economic situation in East Timor, our people will forgive. This is my own, my personal point of view" Xanana Gusmao - From guerilla fighter to leader of his country.

Nov 11 DdN: Dili and the imperceptible reconstruction

Nov 6 OTL: Transição, a meio caminho para a independência  Report added Feb 20
"Xanana Gusmão acusou a missão das NU de ter falhado no envolvimento dos timorenses no processo transitório para a independência. “Não estamos interessados numa herança de carros e leis, nem estamos interessados numa herança de planos de desenvolvimento para um futuro concebido por outros que não os timorenses. Não estamos interessados em herdar uma racionalidade económica que coloca de lado a complexidade social e política da realidade timorense, nem desejamos herdar os pesados mecanismos de tomada de decisão e implementação de projectos nos quais o papel dos timorenses é o de dar o seu consentimento como observadores ao invés de agentes activos que deveríamos começar a ser.” (Sidney Morning Herald, 10-10-2000)." OTL - Observatório Timor Leste

Nov 6 ETO: Transition, half way to independence  Updated Feb 20
"Security Council (SC) Resolution 1272 of 25 October 1999 mandated UNTAET [UN Transitional Administration for East Timor] "to support capacity-building for self-government", and insisted on the "need for UNTAET to consult and cooperate closely with the East Timorese people in order to carry out its mandate effectively with a view to the development of local democratic institutions… and the transfer to these institutions of its administrative and public service functions" ETO - East Timor Observatory

Nov 3 Caritas Australia: East Timor SitRep

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