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BD: War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity

BD: East Timorese Women's Issues

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Mar 31 Reut: Ramos-Horta replaces Gusmao as Timor leader  News added Apr 1
"Nobel peace laureate Jose Ramos-Horta, foreign minister of U.N.-run East Timor, will take over as head of the territory’s de facto parliament, the United Nations said on Saturday. He replaces independence leader Xanana Gusmao, who quit last week over internal squabbling which he said was hampering the tiny territory’s push for independence." Reuters

Mar 30 STL: CPD-RDTL’s Antonio Aitahan Matak Wants Proof  News from ETimor added Mar 31
“We are not accepting the accusations made against us by Ramos Horta, Mari Alkatari and Lu-Olo that we are linked with the TNI. Prove it! If they can’t prove the allegations then we will take them to court ­ both nationally and internationally,” Antonio Aitahan Matak, General Co-ordinator of CPD-RDTL

Mar 29 RDP: Timorese leader Gusmao criticizes use of aid funds  News added Mar 30
"An ironic Xanana Gusmao told the donors’ representatives that if ministers in Sergio Vieira de Mello’s [head of UNTAET, UN Transitional Administration in East Timor] government left the country less often and visited the districts in the interior of East Timor instead, listening to the people’s complaints and aspirations, then the level of trust would be different.  Xanana said that the people would feel the funds were being used properly." Antonio Veladas

Mar 29 RA: Allies back Gusmao's decision to quit East Timor assembly  News added Mar 30
"The civil society needs more his time and work rather than the national council. So he wants to continue to bring the people together to really reflect on the constitution so that it can be a legitimate one, reflects the peoples’ wishes, spirit and soul as he puts it, so his time is better used elsewhere rather than in the national council." Agio Pereira

Mar 28 BBC: Gusmao resigns as East Timor leader  News added Mar 30
"I feel, as president of the National Council, that any attempt to overcome the deadlock is in vain due to the lack of willingness [of Council] members, ... As I refuse to be part of a politically irresponsible process, I hereby tender my resignation,” East Timor independence leader Jose “Xanana” Gusmao

Mar 28 GLW: Indonesian troops out of Aceh!  Article added Mar 30
"We must force the Australian government to end all military ties with Indonesia. While the training of Indonesian special forces by the Australian military was put on hold following the rampage by the TNI and its militia groups in East Timor after the 1999 independence referendum, Canberra continues to train members of Indonesia’s regular army in Australia. It is likely that the Australian government will offer increased military cooperation as a “goodwill” gesture when Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid visits Australia in April." Pip Hinman, national secretary, Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET)

Mar 28 GLW: Timor war criminals remain free  Article added Mar 30
"The establishment of an international war crimes tribunal for East Timor faces opposition from Indonesia’s main Western allies also, who have repeatedly stressed their preference for Indonesia to conduct its own trials. ... if such a tribunal was established, why should it not investigate the actions of those states who condoned, aided and abetted Indonesia’s illegal occupation of East Timor, and who have consistently lied about the extent of their involvement?" Jon Land

Mar 28 LUSA: Francisco Xavier do Amaral Announces New 'Third Way' Party  News added Mar 30
"He [Francisco Xavier do Amaral] has repeatedly been linked to the radical party CPD-RDTL (Popular Defense Committee-Democratic Republic of East Timor), which indicated he was the group’s top official for education and culture in its founding document." JBC, Lusa

Mar 28 LH: Sexton: Update on ET NGO Forum: Rushed Constitutional Process  Letter & News added Mar 29
"As you have likely already seen, things are moving very quickly on this issue, and not in the direction we had hoped. ... With the news of the defeat in yesterday’s NC vote, the working group is trying to think strategically about where we can go from here. Unfortunately, there seems to be little room to argue alternatives." Pamela Sexton, La'o Hamutuk: The East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

Mar 27 STL Bishop Belo: Planned and Democratic Economic Development Needed  News from ETimor added Mar 28

Mar 27 STL: April 6, Peace Campaign To Be Launched In Dili  News from ETimor added Mar 28

Mar 27 STL: The Fate Of The People In A Political Arena  Editorial from ETimor added Mar 28

Mar 26 About HR: US Court Goes After Architect of ETimor Terror  News with background added Mar 28
"The East Timorese have been seeking to hold accountable those responsible for the great suffering inflicted upon them by Indonesia’s invasion and occupation of their country. They are especially concerned that, barring the creation of an international tribunal, the Indonesian military leaders who gave the orders will escape justice. The lawsuit and hearing provide a forum for the East Timorese to tell their stories and to have a court officially acknowledge and rule on one of those responsible." John Miller, East Timor Action Network (ETAN)

Mar 26 STL: Bishop Basilio: People Beginning To be Frustrated With UNTAET  News from ETimor added Mar 28

Mar 26 TP: Horta: Timor Lorosae Will Be In ASEAN  News from ETimor added Mar 28

Mar 20 SP: Bishop Belo's conditions for return of pro-integration refugees  News from WTimor added Mar 31
"UNTAS [pro-integration group: ‘Uni Timor Aswain’] figures have called on Bishop Belo to retract the 13-point statement he recently issued regarding the conditions for return of pro-integration refugees. They want reconciliation with no preconditions." Sasando Pos

Mar 19 Watch Indonesia: German MP demands stronger committment for Human Rights  Release added Mar 29
"At the 56th UNCHR a one year deadline has been set for the Indonesian Government to accuse all those human right violators. Since then nothing has happened and the time limit has been exceeded. Because of that there is no other alternative but to establish an international ad-hoc court as soon as possible." Mrs. Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger, Committee for Human Rights and humanitarian aid of the German Parliament (Bundestag)

Mar 18 PUB: Extracts from an interview with Abílio  Interview added Mar 31
"Are you refuting, therefore, the accusation that you are financing the CDP-RDTL ? What I refute is being behind the alleged attempt on the life of Xanana Gusmão and other acts of violence. I do not deny that, should someone ask me for money and if I happen to have some, I would help that person." Abílio Araújo, President, Timorese Nationalist Party (PNT)

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Nov 30 OTL: Emprego e desemprego após um ano de intervenção internacional  Report added Mar 29
"A taxa de desemprego continua a ser preocupante, sobretudo nas cidades, por ainda se manter nos 80%. A situação é particularmente sensível em Díli, onde coexistem duas sociedades com modos e níveis de vida muito distintos. ... As qualificações dos candidatos aos empregos, em particular para a função pública, devem ser ajuizadas em função das realidades locais e não no âmbito de um quadro importado, estranho a essas realidades. É neste sentido que, desde a chegada da UNTAET, o conhecimento da língua inglesa se apresenta como uma qualificação prioritária para a administração das N.U., mas não para Timor Leste."   Observatório Timor Leste

Nov 30 ETO: Employment & unemployment one year after int'l intervention  Report updated Mar 29
"Unemployment - still at around 80% - continues to be a major concern, especially in East Timor's cities. The situation has become highly sensitive in Dili, where society is clearly two-tier, divided by very different ways and standards of living. ... The qualifications of job applicants, especially those of applicants to the civil service, ought to be adjusted to match the local reality, rather than have to adhere to an imported, out of touch framework. In this respect, ever since UNTAET'S arrival, English language skills have become a priority requirement for the UN administration - not for East Timor." East Timor Observatory

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July 1999 Goodman: East Timor: Australia's accountability  Analysis added Mar 30
"For twenty years the Australian Government has consistently failed to support the people of Indonesia and East Timor, choosing instead to support the military and political elites. ... The UN tribunal which will investigate crimes against humanity in East Timor, should also consider the accomplices to those crimes, including governments that assisted the Indonesian military in full knowledge of how that aid would be used in East Timor." James Goodman, academic, activist, member Committee of Management of AID/WATCH

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Access details of Canberra Events at:

Seminar: Women and Torture
Amnesty International
St Ninians Church, (corner Brigalow and Mouat Streets, Lyneham, Canberra)
Monday 2 April 2001, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Special M1 meeting
M1 Alliance
community groups will come along and help us plan what happens on May 1st
at the Copland building G031, ANU
Monday April 2, 6.30pm

Refugee Action Committee Meeting
Endorsed by Amnesty International
Room G030 of the Copland Building, ANU
Monday April 2, 6.30pm

Public forum: Indonesia in Crisis and the response of the democratic movement
Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET)
23 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, Sydney
April 6, 7.30pm

Peaceful M1 Blockade
M1 Alliance
Mining Industry House, the home of the Minerals Council of Australia,
216 Northbourne Avenue, Bradden
The blockade is to commence from 7am, May 1st.

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Pro-autonomy Political Parties & Movements / Pró autonomia Partidos políticos e Movimentos

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