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Centru Informasaun Independenti ba Tasi Timor (CIITT)
Independent Center for Timor Sea Information:


Mr. Deometrio Amaral
, Spokesperson of CIITT
Mobile: + 670 723 2851

Mr. Cecilio Caminha Freitas, Member of CIITT & Chairperson of East Timor People's Action (ETPA)
Mobile: + 670 723 3062

CIITT is an active participant in the:
Movimento Kontra Okupasun Tasi Timor (MKOTT) / Movement Against the Occupation of the Timor Sea

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Position Statements & Press Releases
Info on members of CIITT

" ... it is important to reflect on the relationship of Australia and East Timor in the past. Australia was the only country to give official recognition to Indonesia’s rule in East Timor, which was established for over 20 years through various types of violations of the fundamental rights of the East Timorese. ... In order to control the largest part of the oil and gas rich Timor Sea, Australia maintains the application of previous treaties on maritime boundary, which were signed with the occupying power [Indonesia] in East Timor. The previous treaties of maritime boundary delimitation have been based on the outdated continental shelf principle, and not on the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). Having rejected the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) as a settlement mechanism for the dispute on maritime boundaries with East Timor, Australia has demonstrated an arrogant attitude in the negotiation on the matter."  Independent Center for Timor Sea Information (Australia Day 2004)

"Politically, the May 2002 Agreement potentially jeopardises the sovereignty of East Timor, as we will be losing territory in the Timor Sea outside the zone of co-operation for the development of oil and gas resources. ... [it] denies East Timor access to four oil and gas fields (79.9% of Greater Sunrise, 100% of Corallina, Laminaria and the Buffalo). ... [it] has not provided for a fair participation of Timorese workforce. ... The construction of a more costly gas pipeline to Northern Territory instead of one to Timor is another example of the irrational economic decision made to date." Independent Centre for Information on the Timor Sea (2004 Statement)

Position Statements & Press Releases:

2004 Statement on Timor Gap Treaty

26 Jan 2004 CIITT: Timor Sea & Australia Day

Info on members of:
Centro Informasaun Independente ba Tasi Timor (CIITT)
(Independent Center for Timor Sea Information)

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HAK Association (Association for Law, Rights and Justice) [Perkumpulan/Perhimpunan HAK]
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Haburas Foundation (Green environmental organization)
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FOKUPERS Forum Komunikasi Untuk Perempuan Loro Sae (the East Timorese Women’s Communication Forum)
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La’o Hamutuk "walking together" (The East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis)
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* Timor Oil Bulletins:
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--- March 2004 East Timor Government's Budget Deficit:
--- March 2004 Avoiding the Resource Course:
--- August 2003 Timor Sea Oil & Gas update:
--- December 2002 Timor Oil Chronology:
--- August 2002 Petroleum Conference in Darwin:
--- July 2002: Timor Oil, Solidarity:
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East Timor Study Group (ETSG)
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GMPD Pro-Democracy Students’ Movement


Kadalak Sulimutuk Institute (KSI) "Streams Flowing Together Institute"
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Timor-Leste Labor Union Confederation (KSTL)

Labor Advocacy Institute for Timor-Leste (LAIFET) 

East Timor National NGO Forum Advocacy division [Forum Nacional ONG Timor Lorosa'e (FONGTIL)]
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Individuals concerned with the issue

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