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BACK DOOR Newsletter on Timor-Leste (East Timor)
BACK DOOR Boletin Lia foun Konaba Timor Lorosae ('Back Door' ne katak odamatan kotuk uma nian)

2006 Crisis in Timor-Leste
2006 Susar iha Timor Lorosae laran
2006 Krize/Emerjensia iha Timor-Leste laran

A collection of statements on the 2006 East Timor crisis. The crisis began as a result of the conflict within the East Timor Defence Force and the widespread availability of firearms. The conflict expanded to include other violence mainly centred in the capital Dili. This crisis has resulted in military intervention by several other countries.

Note: The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Back Door Newsletter. Back Door seeks to provide a range of opinions on the East Timor crisis for the information of readers.

Last updated / Tau tan: 25 July 2006

Main Contents page / Lista Primariu / Daftar isi:

Background Information / Tada Uluk / Sumber Latar Belakang Informasi  Updated 12 July 2006

Timor-Leste Government / Ukun-rai Timor-Leste  Updated 23 July 2006

East Timorese Voices / Timoroan Hateten Ba  Updated 23 July 2006

Australian Voices / Ema Australianu Koalia Lataka Ba  Updated 25 July 2006

International Voices / Ema Mundu Koalia Lataka Ba  Updated 25 July 2006

Urgent Actions / Hahalok mak Urjenti  Updated 21 June 2006

Events in Australia / Eventos iha rai-Australianu laran  Updated 22 July 2006

Latest emailout / Email ne ikus liu ona  Updated 13 July 2006

Links to Timor-Leste Crisis info / Elu atu fo Tada konaba Susar  Updated 7 July 2006

Archive / Surat Lakin / Arkivu  - prior to May 2003

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Priority is given to East Timorese and solidarity voices denied accurate coverage in "mainstream" public media.

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