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East Timorese Speak Out concerning the 2006 Crisis
Maubere Hateten konaba Susar iha Timor Lorosae laran
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Last updated: 23 July 2006

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BD: 2006 Crisis in East Timor / Susar/Emerjensia iha Timor-Leste laran

21 July 2006 TLNAIT / ACTJET / IFET: Letter to United Nations on Justice

"The recent crisis in Timor-Leste has created the need for new justice and peacebuilding processes, ... However, the crisis this year has also reinforced the need to deal with “unfinished business” from the past. ... Events between 1975 and 1999 continue to strongly impact the people of Timor-Leste. The reactions of Dili residents to the unfolding crisis were those of a population that has suffered mass trauma which remains largely unhealed. In addition, the severe shortcomings of the local and international justice processes have helped to create a culture of impunity in which a range of actors believe they can, in effect, get away with murder and other crimes."
Rosentino Amado Hei, Timor-Leste National Alliance for an International Tribunal,
Dr Mark Byrne, Convenor, Australian Coalition for Transitional Justice in East Timor,
John M. Miller, UN Representative, International Federation for East Timor

12 July 2006 Post-CAVR: Vasconselos: Timor-Leste needs the ‘great teachings’ of the CAVR Report
"The CAVR Report Chega! is about our past but the tragic events and crimes of recent weeks have shown that it is also very much about our present and future. The contemporary relevance of Chega! was strongly underlined by President Xanana Gusmao in his televised address of 20 June in which he referred more than once to CAVR’s recommendations. Our new Prime Minister, Dr Jose Ramos Horta, made the same point in his inauguration address on 10 July. Referring to Chega! he said; ‘We must utilise its great teachings’. This view is widely shared among those who have seen the Report. The Inter-faith Conference held in Baucau 20-23 June recommended that religious institutions of all faiths in Timor-Leste should actively engage in the dissemination of Chega! to ensure that its message reaches deep into the community. Others have gone further and claimed that the violence of recent weeks would not have occurred had Chega! already been disseminated. They believe that Timorese, both at the top and at the bottom of our society, have repeated the mistakes of the past because they have not studied and learned from the painful history presented in Chega!" Rev Agustinho de Vasconselos, Executive Director, Post-CAVR Technical Secretariat

7 July 2006
Rede Feto: Letter to Ian Martin from Timor Leste Women's Network
"To Mr Ian Martin, Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the UN for Timor-Leste ... The Rede Feto of Timor Leste, a network composed of 17 women’s organizations working on women’s rights and gender issues, want to express our gratitude to you for taking the time to meet with us on 4 July. Further to the issues raised during the consultation we wish to submit further recommendations in relation to the establishment of the new post-UNOTIL mission.
Political/Good Offices:
* To involve women in disarmament. Women officers in the police and the FDTL should be involved in the efforts to disarm civilians.
* The Commission of Inquiry for Timor Leste to consult with Rede Feto to provide information on the recent incidents of violence.
* To sensitize women to participate and support the campaign for the disarmament of civilians in their capacity as mothers, wives and daughters to promote peace. * Include women in all peace building efforts and fully implement SC 1325. ... " Ubalda Alves, Executive Director Rede Feto, Timor-Leste

26 June 2006 LH: Suggestions for next United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste

"The Dili-based Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis is proposing an expanded and extended United Nations mission in Timor-Leste (East Timor), beginning shortly and lasting several years. In a detailed memorandum to UN staff and Security Council members, the Institute (known in Tetum as La’o Hamutuk) draws on six years experience monitoring UN activities in Timor-Leste to urge “that both the quality as well as the duration of the international presence there be evaluated and improved.” " La'o Hamutuk, an East Timorese non-governmental organization

Spanish Original:
18 June 2006 Sin Permiso: Wark & Cabral: Timor Oriental: detrás de la demonización de Mari Alkatiri
"Los medios de comunicación, especialmente los australianos (Noticias del Departamento de Asuntos Exteriores y Comercio) han ofrecido una visión particularmente distorsionada de la crisis. ... El mal está representado en la figura de una persona. Identificar una cabeza de turco sugiere que su eliminación hará que, mágicamente, las cosas vuelvan a ir bien de nuevo. Mucha gente piensa hoy que “musulmán” y “terrorista” son términos afines, si es que no son sinónimos. El primer ministro musulmán de Timor Oriental, Mari Alkatiri, aparece en la prensa mediante “entrevistas al hombre de la calle” como un “terrorista” (para no mencionar también sus cualidades de “traidor” y “asesino”), una palabra que vuelve verificada y fortalecida por la prensa en la calle. ¿Qué hay detrás de estas caricaturas de Alkatiri?" Estêvão Cabral, doctor en Relaciones Internacionales y fue un guerrillero del Falantil & Julie Wark, miembro del Consejo Editorial de sinpermiso

English Original:
24 June 2006 ICH: Cabral & Wark: Behind The Demonisation Of Mari Alkatiri
"The media, especially the Australian media (News from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade), has offered a particularly distorted view of the crisis. ... Evil is represented as embodied in the figure of one person. Identifying a single scapegoat suggests that his removal will magically make all well again. Many people today think of “Muslim” and “terrorist” as related, if not synonymous terms. The Muslim Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, Mari Alkatiri, appears in the press through man-in-the-street interviews as a “terrorist” (not to mention “traitor” and “killer”), a word that then returns press-verified and reinforced to the street. What lies behind these depictions of Alkatiri?" Estêvão Cabral, long-time member of Fretilin & Julie Wark, human rights translator and author

9 June 2006 ANU - Development Studies Network:
One-Day Seminar, Canberra: Beyond the Crisis in Timor-Leste: Options for future stability and development  [scroll down the page]
[Includes six papers in word document format and three powerpoints from some presenters]
Includes paper by:
Antero Benedito da Silva, Department of Community Development, National University of Lorosae, Dili, "Inside the community: Issues and conflict"

Includes powerpoint presentation by:
Ismenio Martins da Silva, Victoria University, "Looking beyond unemployment: meeting young people's aspirations"

23 May 2006 Lia Haroman: GEM: A People's State Against A Capitalist's State
"This is a discussion compiled by the Grupu Estudu Maubere on Fretilin and the policies of the current Government of Timor-Leste. This document was put together on the eve of Fretilin's national congress. It is open for discussion and any comments or ideas are welcomed. Note that Grupu Estudu Maubere is not an organisation of, affiliated or associated with Fretilin." Alex Tilman, unofficial translator of original Tetun document

6 May 2006 LH: Panic and Reality in Dili

Few of the articles and opinions circulated on this list address the context which has caused many people to flee Dili in this week. Some people writing from far away seem almost eager to spread rumors and gossip about what is happening here, while many of us here understand that the exodus from Dili is more about post-traumatic stress and rumors than about anything real. Other institutions, including several national governments, issue statements for their own purposes, which reflect reality to varying degrees." La'o Hamutuk, an East Timorese non-governmental organization

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