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This week:
* a speech by Xanana on minimising violence;
* an open letter from Fretilin to Xanana;
* a report on the current status of pro-autonomy political movements & parties (in English & Portuguese);
* interviews on self-determination; and
* other items on war crimes and Timor oil.


  FEB 2001 NEWS, ARTICLES & REPORTS Updated Feb 17
  TIMOR OIL Updated Feb 13

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Feb 17 DHR: Magno: The Successes and Failures of UN Intervention in ETimor  [Interview: Self-determination]
"The [ETimorese] people recognize that this inability to have their voice heard in their own country and to be in any position of power in their own government is a violation of their human rights. That does not mean, however, that they have given up on human rights. Their cynicism is directed at the UN bureaucracy." Ajiza Magno, Initiator, Lorosa’e Women’s Forum for Peace (FORELSAN)

Feb 14 SMH: UN credibility at risk over war crimes, says Horta  [News: War Crimes]
"If Indonesia fails to deliver justice then I don't see how the Security Council can get away from creating a war crimes tribunal for East Timor. ... I am confident a war crimes tribunal remains a strong option.'' Jose Ramos Horta, cabinet member for foreign affairs, UN-chaired East Timor Transitional Administration.

Feb 14 STL: Presidential Issue: Fretilin To Nominate Xanana  [News from ETimor: Elections]
“Regardless of whether the party has its own candidate or not, we have decided that Xanana be Timor Lorosae’s first president when the country becomes independent,” Lu-Olo, General Coordinator of Fretilin

Feb 13 LUSA & AP: Horta Urges Indonesian VP to Respect Independence Option  [News: Self-determination]
"Jose Ramos Horta, the foreign minister of East Timor's transitional government, Tuesday urged Indonesian Vice President Megawati Sukarnoputri to respect the territory's vote for independence from Jakarta." Lusa

Feb 12 Xanana: Symposium on “Reconciliation, Tolerance, Human Rights and Elections”  [Speech: Non-violence]
"To avoid or control this likelihood of violence there are several means if properly used could reduce existing tensions and will also help in the promotion of a collective awareness about the need to enhance a tolerant society in the country:
A- A greater involvement of young people in open discussions about social problems;
B- A greater involvement of the civil society in public debates on these same problems;
C- A greater involvement by political parties leaders in Youth education; and
D- A greater involvement of the media in the civic education process." President Xanana

Feb 12 FRETILIN: Open Letter to CNRT's President  [Letter: Elections]
"I believe that the FRETILIN is ready to rule our country  and  it is necessary, by my opinion, that the Timorese people elect their constituent assembly made-up of all Timorese political parties. Our people need a super-parties man, and you can play this role, as well as Nelson Mandela did in South Africa. The discussion between the political parties is positive: you have the prestige and the authority to enforce the rules of the Carta Magna." David Dias Quintas Corona, FRETILIN'S Rep. for Italy

Feb 12 OTL: Movimentos e partidos Pró autonomia: evolução desde o referendo  [Report: War Crimes/Refugees]
"O Governo indonésio proclama frequentemente que desarmou as milícias e que quer manter relações normais com Timor Leste independente; os actos e declarações acima reportados mostram que este sentimento está ainda longe de ser geral ou autêntico. ... A sociedade timorense tem formas tradicionais de resolução de conflitos, que incluem compensações materiais pagas pelo ofensor ao ofendido. Recorrer a essas formas tradicionais pode dar à noção de reconciliação um sentido mais perceptível e portanto mais autêntico para as duas partes." OTL

Feb 12 ETO: Political Movements and Parties: pro-autonomy  [Report: War Crimes/Refugees]
"The Indonesian Government often claims that it has disarmed the militias and that it wants normal relations with independent East Timor, but its actions and statements, as outlined [below], show that these intentions are either not felt by all concerned or simply not genuine. ... Timorese society has its own traditional methods of resolving conflicts, which include material compensation paid by the offender to the victim. Employing such traditional methods might make the idea of reconciliation more understandable and, consequently, make it more meaningful for those concerned." ETO

Feb 2 JP: Aditjondro: ETimorese becoming guests in their own land  [Interview: Self-determination]
"So fighting for democracy has been no less difficult than fighting for independence. The young, the women and the villagers feel the most marginalized; this is the new task of the solidarity movement (to help them) instead of just shaking hands with Xanana." George Junus Aditjondro

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Feb 10 Petromindo: Indonesian House urged to cancel Timor Gap agreement  [News: Timor Oil]
"I don't want to say if the Timor Gap agreement is illegal or not. But, the territory covered by the agreement was located in East Timor that has decided to stay independent from Indonesia. It means Indonesia has no interests in that area anymore," Iin Arifin Takhyan, Pertamina

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FEB 10 ETAN/IFET: Don't advocate without consulting in depth with ETimorese  [Letter: Self-determination]
"... we internationals need to be cautious and refrain from advocating for East Timor if we have not consulted in depth with East Timorese civil society (NGOs) and political leaders. The internationals in UNTAET do this all the time (in fact, they promulgate and carry out policies, not just advocate them) to the detriment of East Timorese self-government, generating disempowerment and resentment among people who have fought so hard and lost so much in their successful struggle for independence. They should be able to make their own decisions." Charlie Scheiner, International Federation for East Timor

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