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This page last updated: 18 July 2005

Internews Timor-Leste:

Internews Timor-Leste Launches a Daily News Service
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(February 11, 2005) Internews Timor-Leste has launched a daily news summary service targeting an NGO (non-governmental organization) audience who want to know what is going on in Timor-Leste but don't have the resources or linguistic skills to translate the daily newspapers.  Newspapers print in four different languages, but primarily in Tetum and Indonesian.

This is the first income generating initiative for the newly formed local media development NGO which is beginning an "incubator" process under the guidance and support of Internews Network.

Timor-Leste Subscriber News is a daily local and international media monitoring service. It includes the main stories from local print media and stories about Timor or Timor-related issues from the international media.

Specific monitoring is also available on request for a higher rate. NGOs or businesses can request "sector-specific" media monitoring which is more detailed information about any story in local or international media. The service also hopes to be able to monitor campaigns by local or international NGOs. Monitoring of radio and TV is also a future option for investigation, along with analysis of local or international media coverage including balance, scope and accuracy.

The mission of this new local media NGO is to support the development of quality and independent media to help build community and democracy. Income from this subscription service will be used to subsidize training and technical advice for the journalists of Timor-Leste.

Internews Timor-Leste is funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Jan McArthur, Internews Timor-Leste Chief of Party

Timor-Leste Subscriber News
Local and International Media Monitoring

Headlines are translated as directly as possible. News and opinion is summarized. For more detailed information about any story in this bulletin; or for tailored sector-specific monitoring contact:;

Prudencio da Silva
Subscription Media Monitor
Internews Timor-Leste

HP     :(670) 726 4500
Office :(670) 332 4475
Fax    :(670) 332 4476
E-mail :

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The Timor Leste Media Development Center (TLMDC) supports building an open media in the national territory of Timor Leste by delivering targeted trainings to improve journalistic skills and ensuring the public has the right to know as well as access to quality news and information.

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