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East Timor Update January 2001

APHEDA - Union Aid Abroad's two staff in East Timor, Ramona Mitussis and Jim Mellor are leaving East Timor after completing their one-year assignments there. A huge thank you to Ramona and Jim for an enormous effort in establishing the APHEDA office and program and capacity building in four sectors. Ramona plans to work in Perth with the AEU while Jim hopes for a well earned rest.

Welcome also to Chris Batchelor who from February will be the new East Timor Co-ordinator and Graeme Hooper, the new Development Officer. Welcome also to Jacqui Davison, the new Project Officer for East Timor, Indonesia and the Philippines. Jacqui will be with APHEDA - Union Aid Abroad for one year while another Project Officer, Cecily Michaels, is on maternity leave.

The current educational and vocational work in East Timor includes:

APHEDA: Trade Union Aid Abroad  Linking Australian workers to the world
APHEDA: Australian People for Health Education and Development Abroad
APHEDA is the overseas humanitarian aid agency of the ACTU. APHEDA's work focuses on: technical and vocational training in developing countries in particular with refugees and marginalised peoples; development education within the union movement and wider community.
APHEDA Operates In: East Timor, South Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Cambodia Vietnam, Philippines, Burma, Pacific
(Kanaky & Bougainville Refugees)
ETimor Project Officer - Jacquie Davidson
Telephone: * From within Australia & from mobile in ETimor: (02) 9264-9343  * From landline in ETimor: 001 61 2 9264-9343  * From other countries outside Australia: +61 2 9264-9343
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