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  MAR 2001 NEWS, ARTICLES & REPORTS  Updated Mar 24
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Until Apl 22 LH: ET NGO Forum: Rushed constitutional process  Request & Letter updated Mar 24
"The [East Timorese] NGOs are demanding the establishment of a mechanism for thorough consultation throughout East Timor on the constitution, and for adequate time and resources to be allotted for this critical process. Clearly, this process is a crucial step in East Timor's struggle for self-determination. We ask for your immediate assistance in lobbying the UN Security Council through your national governments and in passing this letter to others." Pamela Sexton, La'o Hamutuk: The East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

Things to avoid:
Feb 26 NTEU: We still need to put books for ET Uni on hold  Info added Mar 26
"The email networks have caused overload with misdirected information being sent out. Unpaid post costing thousands of dollars is arriving in Dili. Nor at this stage is there capacity to handle incoming English language book donations until further notice."

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Mar 23 AP: Pro-Jakarta Militias Vow To Continue Fighting ETimor Government  News added Mar 24
"At the moment we are in a cooling down period. We will wait for the United Nations to leave before we go back in," Cancio Lopes de Carvalho, former commander of a pro-Indonesian armed group

Bahasa Indonesia:
Mar 23 CNRT: Kirsty Sword Gusmão Beserta Keluarga Perempuan Yang Diculik Milisi Akan  Release added Mar 24
"Isterinya Presiden CNRT-CN akan berangkat ke Geneva besok bersama bibinya Juliana dos Santos, seorang perempuan berusia 15 tahun yang diculik dan ditahan di Timor Barat sejak tahun 1999. Di Geneva Kirsty Sword Gusmão akan menghadiri suatu konperensi yang diselenggarakan oleh UNHCR dengan tema kekerasan terhadap kaum perempuan. Bersama dengan Ny. Domingas Santa Mouzinho, Ny. Sword Gusmão juga bermaksud untuk menyampaikan suatu pernyataan mengenai situasi Juliana pada Komisi PBB untuk Hak Azasi Manusia."  Sarah Niner & Lurdes Bessa, CNRT

Mar 23 CNRT: Kristy Sword Gusmao & Kidnap Girl's Family to plead case in Geneva  Release added Mar 24
"[Ms Sword Gusmão and kidnap girl's family] hope that if Juliana can be returned it will offer a glimmer of hope to other women, their families and communities and believe that other East Timorese women being held in West Timor by militias in similar circumstances must also be returned." Sarah Niner & Lurdes Bessa, CNRT

Mar 22 LH: ET NGO Forum: Rushed constitutional process  Request & Letter updated Mar 24
"The [East Timorese] NGOs are demanding the establishment of a mechanism for thorough consultation throughout East Timor on the constitution, and for adequate time and resources to be allotted for this critical process. Clearly, this process is a crucial step in East Timor's struggle for self-determination. We ask for your immediate assistance in lobbying the UN Security Council through your national governments and in passing this letter to others." Pamela Sexton, La'o Hamutuk: The East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

Mar 22 JRS: Refugees Going Hungry  Briefing added Mar 24
"The refugees in the camps are suffering great hunger. They have had no support from local aid groups since January and from international agencies since September last year, when they withdrew following the killing of UNHCR personnel by militias,” Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) West Timor

Mar 21 SMH: UN retreats on spying allegation  News added Mar 23
"The United Nations mission in East Timor admitted yesterday that an internal security memo accusing a group of shipwrecked Indonesians of being spies was untrue. ... Other concerns raised in the report are being taken seriously, including a warning that a lack of safeguards on the Atauro-Dili sea lane poses a security threat to Dili." Mark Dodd, Herald Correspondent in Dili

Mar 19 STL: Xanana Gusmao: CNRT To Be Officially Dissolved in June  News from ETimor added Mar 23
“In June, CNRT will close as its role will be taken over by the on-going political process ... I know that self-government will be difficult, therefore in my personal capacity as an ordinary citizen, I will cooperate with all sides to have dialogue to support the on-going process” Xanana Gusmao, CNRT/NC president

Mar 17 TP: The Dynamic Of ‘Quota Politic’  Editorial from ETimor added Mar 24
"We have spoken many times on women’s demand for a 30 % quota and do not want to say more. Except that, Timorese can emulate the example set by REDE (East Timor Women Network) yesterday at UNTAET headquarters. We welcome the day when the actions of interest groups or political groups are based on dialogue, debate and discussion. ... REDE has shown the correct political path for our country.  We hope that future political actions for democracy in our country will take into account this dynamism. This is the democratic model that needs to be created in our country." Timor Post Editorial

Mar 17 SMH: UN fears sabotage of ETimor elections  News added Mar 20
"The UN memo says CPD-RDTL supporters had clashed with members of the East Timorese pro-independence Fretilin party on Atauro on February 22, the same time as the seven Indonesians [suspected spies] were seen there. Last week, Mr Gusmao warned of links between senior RDTL officials and shadowy Indonesian army intelligence agents." Mark Dodd, Herald Correspondent in Dili

Mar 17 Lancet: Growing Pains of ETimor: Health of An Infant Nation  Report added Mar 19
"Let us not be tempted to build and develop modern hospitals that are costly and in which only half a dozen people benefit from good treatment. Let us concentrate above all on planning intensive campaigns of sanitation, prevention, and the treatment of epidemics and endemics for the whole population." Xanana Gusmão, de-facto President of East Timor

Mar 16 LUSA: National Council Members Explain Rejection of Quotas for Women  News added Mar 20
"Members of East Timor’s National Council transition legislature justified Friday their rejection of quotas for women candidates on party election lists. ... Simultaneous to the press conference, a group of several dozen protesters from East Timor’s most prominent women’s rights organizations demonstrated in front of the Government Palace in Dili." JBC

Mar 16 LH: Salzer: News from La’o Hamutuk  Report from ETimor added Mar 19
"There is always so much happening here [in Dili], and we are often slowed down in our communications by still-regular power-outages. We hope to share more regular updates on our work. For now, we offer a run-down of what we have been up to since the start of 2001." Mark Salzer, La’o Hamutuk

Mar 15 STL: Bishop Belo: Do not choose party that destroys Timor  News from ETimor added Mar 20
“I have met with Fretilin, UDT, and even with CPD-RDTL (Aitahan Matak, Fil Fernandes and Feliciano). I said to them that I would only support parties in Timor that work for peace, democracy human rights justice, social peace, tolerance. The church supports pluralism and democracy in East Timor." Bishop Belo

Mar 14 U.S. law bars U.S. military aid and training for Indonesia  Info added Mar 23
"If President Bush, Secretary Powell, Assistant Secretary Wolfowitz, the Indonesian government or anyone else would like to resume U.S. military relations with the Indonesian government, they must either meet the conditions in the law or change the law by an act of Congress." Charles Scheiner, National Coordinator, East Timor Action Network/US

Mar 14 GLW: Tanaja: Debate over Constituent Assembly election process  Report added Mar 22
"The heated debate surrounding citizenship is an indication of the resentment that exists toward former East Timorese emigres by those who stayed in East Timor or in Indonesia during the liberation struggle. ... Another hotly debated issue is quotas for women. In its recommendations, the NC argued that 30% Constituent Assembly seats must be filled by women." Vanja Tanaja, Dili

Mar 13 TP: Support For Xanana Pours In  News from ETimor added Mar Mar 23
"Following the incident of 7 March 2001 in the Dili Gymnasium, several quarters have expressed their stand on the matter. Apart from strongly condemning CPD-RDTL supporters and regretting Civpol’s method of arresting the three political activists, there is full support for the leadership of Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao as President of CNRT/NC." Timor Post

Mar 12 TP: Fretilin Declaration: Do Not Commit Violence  News from ETimor added Mar 20
"In the last few days, the symbols of Fretilin, especially the RDTL flag, have been used by certain groups to create trouble and to deceive the people into carrying out demonstrations, violence and other undesirable actions." Lu Olo (president) and Mari Alkatiri (vice-president) of Fretilin

Mar 12 TP: Garcia: International Women’s Day  News from ETimor updated Mar 20
"To commemorate International Women’s Day in East Timor, women’s organisations such as Et-Wave, Fokupers, OMT, OPMT and youth organisations joined in a long procession." Rosa Garcia

Mar 9 STL: Fretilin Not Behind CPD-RDTL  News from ETimor added Mar 20
"Their [CPD-RDTL] actions on Wednesday were criminal in nature. They are using the Fretilin flag without our agreement. And we have reminded them umpteen times to stop using Fretilin symbols, but to no avail,” Mari Alkatari, Fretilin Vice-President

Mar 5 OTL: Partidos políticos e Forças pró-independência  Report added Mar 22
"Oito partidos apresentam-se sob a bandeira da independência. Dos cinco partidos criados em 1974, quatro foram levados a colaborar, mais ou menos, com o ocupante indonésio. A FRETILIN sempre se opôs à ocupação. Consciente da vantagem que adquiriu, a FRETILIN sente-se limitada na frente comum proposta por Xanana Gusmão, e quer partir à conquista do poder. Mas para alguns isso faz renascer a lembrança da guerra civil de 1974 e provoca apelos angustiados de Xanana Gusmão a favor da unidade nacional."  Observatório Timor Leste

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Feb Oxfam Horizons: Muleya: The right to basic services - Water & sanitation  Interview added Mar 23
"Did you enjoy the time there? It was fabulous. People received our program very well. Oxfam [CAA] was given the task of trying to rehabilitate the water systems in Dili and the western districts after the crisis. They did a great job, got the water going in districts where the destruction was up to 95 percent - with a lot of help from the communities themselves - then handed it over to the government to maintain. They put in new transmission lines, water tanks and pipes, which they call the Oxfam snakes; polythene pipes snaking up the mountains." Clara Muleya, manager, joint Oxfam environmental health program in Liquica province

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July 1999 Arena: Viva Timor L'este: Beyond Silence, Betrayal, Cowardice & Murder  Analysis added Mar 22
"Australian governments all sought to influence the destiny of East Timor. This destiny became one of the longest ongoing acts of genocide since the European Holocaust of the Second World War. I am reminded of the French Vichy Government of that war which supplied and organised the freight train convoys that carried persecuted Jews to the Nazi ovens. Canberra's warts-and-all allegiance with Jakarta; the almost $2 billion in bilateral aid; the million of dollars in military gifts, defence training and defence co-operation; and the political lobbying in the international arena for Jakarta's position, all helped to create a similar cattlewagon, transporting the East Timorese to their diabolical fate." Jim Aubrey, editor, 'Free East Timor: Australia's culpability in East Timor's genocide'

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Access details of Canberra Events at:

Refugee Action Committee Meeting
Endorsed by Amnesty International
Room G030 of the Copland Building, ANU
Monday night, 26 March, 6.30pm

After S11: Globalise Resistance
Forum on growing anti-globalisation movement
Democratic Socialist Party & Resistance
Lecture Theatre 5, Manning Clarke Bldg, ANU
Sat March 31 & April 1, 1pm

Seminar: Women and Torture
Amnesty International
St Ninians Church, (corner Brigalow and Mouat Streets, Lyneham, Canberra)
Monday 2 April 2001, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Special M1 meeting
community groups will come along and help us plan what happens on May 1st
at the Copland building G031, ANU
Monday April 2, 6.30pm

Public forum: Indonesia in Crisis and the response of the democratic movement
Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET)
23 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, Sydney
April 6, 7.30pm

Peaceful M1 Blockade
M1 Alliance
Mining Industry House, the home of the Minerals Council of Australia,
216 Northbourne Avenue, Bradden
The blockade is to commence from 7am, May 1st.

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Bahasa Indonesia & English:

Caritas Dili East Timor

ET-WAVE - Perempuan Timor Loro Sa’e Yang Menentang Kekerasan /
East Timorese Women Against Violence

Comissão Justiça E Paz Diocese De Dili (CJP) /
Justice And Peace Commission of Diocese Dili (JPC)

Spanish & English:

El Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados (JRS): Accompañar, Servir, Defender /
Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS): To accompany, To serve, To advocate


East Timor National NGO Forum

Organizacao Mulher Timor (OMT)


La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

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