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BACK DOOR Newsletter on East Timor 

Upcoming Newcastle Events:

updated: Dec 16, 2004

East Timor events in or near Newcastle, NSW:

Friends of East Timor - Newcastle:
Events contacts:
Robert Peters - Tel/Fax (02) 4968-8285
Bryan Havenhand -
PO Box 116, Mayfield NSW 2304

Friends of East Timor - Newcastle (formed August 1998) have produced an illustrated pamphlet: 'John Howard Finish the Job' describing the Un-Australian behaviour of John Howard (Prime Minister of Australia) and Alexander Downer (Australia's Foreign Minister) towards East Timor. The pamphet contains a convienient tear-off letter to John Howard, urging a change of government policy towards East Timor.  The pamphlet is available on request. 

Other Events in Newcastle, NSW:

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Green Left:

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