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Timor Oil - Fact sheets
Surat Popular kona ba Timor nia Mina
Minyak di Timor: Lembaran-lembaran Fakta
O Petróleo de Timor: o informação

updated: 23 Sep 2005
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Tetun  tau tan: 23 Set 2005
English  updated: 11 April 2005

(Lia Tetun / Timor Lorosa’e lian / Língua Tetum / Bahasa Timor Timur / East Timor's most popular language)

Surat Popular

La'o Hamutuk nia Surat Popular - Timor nia mina no gas:

Lista La'o Hamutuk (ho Ingles) kona ba mina ho mos gas:

La’o hamutuk hakerek Surat Popular ne'e para atu Timoroan bele diskuti Timor nia mina ho malu. 

Fronteira maritima
pdf formatu [300 kb]:
"Fronteira maritima ka tasi ketan entre Timor Leste ho Australia katak, linha mak ha-fahe tasi entre nasaun rua ne'e. Hodi nune nasaun ida-idak iha determinasaun legal ba sira nia soberania tasi. Ho iha soberania ba tasi, nasaun ida-idak bele identifika sira nia riku soin. Riku soin hirak ne'e mak hanesan: ikan, ahu ruin, kadiuk, duut tasi no seluk-seluk tan. Buat hirak ne'e bele hetan iha tasi laran. Nune mos mina no gas bele hetan iha rai okos husi tasi kidun."
* Areia Dezenvolimentu Petroleo Hamutuk
* Alternativu fahe Tasi ho linha Mediu
* Perguntas ba Diskusaun

ita nia minarai, ita nia futuru
pdf formatu [260 kb]:
* Tansa minarai importante ba dezenvolvimentu Timor Lorosae?
* Posu minarai iha Tasi Timor nee iha neebe deit?
* Oinsa povu Timor Lorosae bele hatene no involve iha prosesu dezenvolvimentu industria gas no minarai Tasi Timor?

Saida mak Timor Gap?

pdf formatu [370 kb]:

Tada uluk kona ba La’o Hamutuk:

BACK DOOR Boletin Lia Foun Kona ba Timor Loro Sa’e:

(Lia inglés / Bahasa Ingerris / English language)

Fact sheets

Aug-Sep 2004 TSO: Maritime Boundary Dispute 
Speech updated 11 Apr 2005
BD: This speech provides a useful background summary of events and discussions so far
It is Timor-Leste’s position that Australia must honor the IUA [International Unitization Agreement] if Timor-Leste is to ratify it. What does this involve? The IUA will not be ratified by Timor-Leste until Australia abides by the relevant rules of international law applicable in the relations between the parties.
* This requires Australia to:
-- commit to a satisfactory time frame for negotiations,
-- after which either party will be able to seek resolution of the maritime boundary dispute before a neutral international mechanism, should agreement not have been reached.
* Further, Australia will have to:
-- cease unilateral activity in disputed areas in accordance with diplomatic correspondence from Timor-Leste, or
-- take adequate interim measures (e.g. placing revenues in escrow) to preserve Timor-Leste’s rights in these areas pending resolution of the dispute." Manuel de Lemos, Asst Coordinator, Timor Sea Office, Office of the Timor-Leste Prime Minister

2004 TSJC: Historical Background to the Timor Sea dispute 
Info updated 11 Apr 2005
"* Oil and gas worth more than US $30 billion [Now worth well over US$68 billion: See 26 Mar 05 McKee: How much is Sunrise really worth?] lie under the Timor Sea, between East Timor and Australia, * 68% of the petroleum resources in the Timor Sea lie closer to East Timor than to Australia, and are claimed by East Timor under International Law * Under current revenue sharing arrangements, Australia takes 72% of the petroleum revenues in the Timor Sea, including almost 60% of the revenues from fields closer to East Timor than to Australia. " Timor Sea Justice Coalition, Australia

2004 TSJC: Area of Timor Sea dispute  Info added 25 Aug 2004
"If international law under the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) were to be applied all of the Bayu-Undan, Greater Sunrise and Laminaria/Corralina reserves would fall within Timor Leste's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) - within Timor Leste's maritime boundary." Timor Sea Justice Coalition, Australia

2004 TSJC: International Law  Info added 25 Aug 2004
"The first starting point is for Timor Leste and Australia to negotiate the maritime boundary. If that was unsuccessful, they could then use the international tribunal for the law of the sea or the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to adjudicate any dispute about the maritime boundary. However, to pre-empt Timor Leste taking the matter to international arbitration, Australia in March 2002 withdrew from that part of the jurisdiction of the ICJ which deals with maritime boundary.This means Timor Leste will have to negotiate directly with Australia. So clearly Timor Leste as a newly independent state would be locked into a David and Goliath battle with Australia to resolve fair and equitable maritime boundaries. " Timor Sea Justice Coalition, Australia

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