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Political Party PST
Partido Socialista de Timor
Partai Sosialis Timor
Socialist Party of Timor

Last updated: 8 June 2005

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Aug 2001 info:
Partido Socialista de Timor

Acronym: PST
C No: 75
Leader: Pedro Martires da Costa
Address: Rua Colegio das Madras, Balide-Dili, Timor Leste
Contact: Tel 0407560246
From: Aug 5 2001 Contact info for ET political parties

June 2005 info: General Secretary: Avelino da Silva

Background info:

April 2001 ACFOA: Walsh: East Timor's Political Party Profiles: PST

Complete text of report
[150KB] added May 22, 2001
"Socialist Party of Timor is a Fretilin splinter party. Founded in the 1990’s in Indonesia it grew out of student and labour groups based in Jakarta and other Indonesian cities where East Timorese studied and worked. Its membership is predominantly youth but it includes a number of older FALINTIL and FRETILIN members from the left wing of FRETILIN. It is based on Marxist-Leninist principles of philosophy and organisation and, through peaceful educational means, is dedicated to the construction of a socialist, classless society in East Timor liberated from all forms of colonialism, imperialism, paternalism and exploitation. It is primarily concerned with the situation of workers and farmers. ... PST has international links with a range of political organisations including the Portuguese Communist Party, the Dutch Greens, the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) in Australia and PRD in Indonesia." Pat Walsh, Human rights consultant, Australian Council for Overseas Aid

Bahasa Indonesia:
Maret 2001 ACFOA: Partai-Partai Dan Kelompok-Kelompok Politik Di Timor Timur: PST 
[150KB] added June 29, 2001
"Partai Sosialis Timor adalah partai yang terpecah dari Fretilin. Didirikan pada tahun 1990an di Indonesia, partai ini bertumbuh dari mahasiswa dan kaum pekerja yang berpusat di Jakarta dan kota-kota lain di Indonesia di mana orang Timor Timur belajar dan bekerja. Keanggotaannya sebagian besar adalah pemuda, namun termasuk beberapa orang anggota Falintil dan Fretilin yang lebih tua dari sayap kiri Fretilin. Partai ini berdasar pada prinsip-prinsip filosofi dan organisasi Marx dan Lenin dan, melalui jalur-jalur pendidikan yang damai, partai ini diabdikan untuk pembentukan masyarakat Timor Timur yang sosialis dan tidak mengenal golongan kelas bebas dari kolonialisme, imperialisme, paternalisme dan eksploitasi. Partai ini terutama menaruh perhatian pada situasi para pekerja dan petani. ... PST memiliki hubungan dengan sejumlah organisasi politik internasional termasuk Partai Komunis Portugis, Partai Hijau Belanda, Partai Demokrasi Sosialis (DSP) di Australia dan PRD di Indonesia." Pat Walsh, Badan Bantuan Luar Negeri Australia

5 Mar 2001 OTL: Partidos políticos e Forças pró-independência: PST 
Report added Apr 27, 2001
"PST: O Partido Socialista Timorense é mencionado sempre que há movimentações de carácter laboral; organizador de manifestações e reivindicações, negociador entre grevistas e empregadores ou para acalmar um protesto mais veemente. Usa o marxismo como ferramenta, diz Avelino Coelho da Silva. "Não aceitamos o argumento de que os partidos políticos dividem Timor Leste, antes o fará a falta de cultura democrática" (IPS, Darwin, 14-4)."  Observatório Timor Leste

5 Mar 2001 ETO: Political parties and Pro-Independence Forces: PST 
Report updated Apr 27, 2001
"Socialist Party of Timor PST: The Timorese Socialist Party is always mentioned whenever an event is labour-related. It organises workers’ demonstrations and their employment-related claims, negotiates between strikers and employers, and intervenes if a protest becomes too rowdy. It uses Marxism as a tool, says Avelino Coelho da Silva. "We don´t accept the argument that political parties will divide East Timor – rather the lack of democratic culture will" (IPS, Darwin, 14-4)." East Timor Observatory

Jan - Apl 2000 Max Lane: A brief introduction to the Socialist Party of Timor
Link to overview added Jan 19, 2002
Contents: * The development of Timorese society * Strategies for the struggle for socialism * Cooperatives and politics * Mass action * The concept of the party


Aug 29 GLW: Elections mark new step toward independence 
Article added Aug 31, 2001
"Overall there is very little to distinguish the contesting parties from each other. In many cases their platforms or policies are identical. Most espouse support for a “free-market” economy. The only exception is the Socialist Party of Timor (PST) which has consistently focused on developing a base among workers and the rural poor through establishing peasant cooperatives and campaigning for better wages and conditions for East Timorese employed by the UN and private businesses. The 5000 strong rally the PST organised in Dili on August 25 reflects its growing influence." Jon Land, Indonesia - East Timor Campaign Watch

Jul 19 TP: PST does not want Constituent Assembly to be like National Council 
News from ETimor added July 20, 2001
“The regulations that were passed in the NC reflected the needs of the administration and not that of the people. These regulations did not take into account actual realities, ... I do not want to be in a so-called legislative body [the Constituent Assembly] where I will be used as a rubber-stamp and cannot perform my duties as a people’s representative,” Avelinho Coelho, the secretary-general of the Timor Socialist Party (PST)

Jul 4 GLW: New party in East Timor faces election challenge 
Article added July 12, 2001
"In the lead-up to the elections, the PST [Socialist Party of Timor] has launched a new political manual designed to give a basic introduction to the party for new members. The 15-page publication sets out, and answers, “frequently asked questions” about the PST: its structure, its program on social, political and economic issues. The PST has put forward 75 candidates for the Constituent Assembly election, 19 of whom, including its top candidate, are women. In a surprise move, the list does not include its high-profile general secretary, Avelino Coelho da Silva. Coelho said he would be focusing his attention on other areas of the party’s activities." Vanya Tanaja

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