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BACK DOOR Newsletter on East Timor

Political Party UDC/PDC
União Democratica Cristão de Timor
Serikat Demokrasi Kristen Timor
Christian Democratic Union of Timor

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Up-Dated: Sep 22 2001

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Partido Democrata-Cristao de Timor
Acronym: UDC/PDC
C No: 75
Leader: Vicente da Silva Guterres
Address: Rua Americo Thomaz, No 62 Mandarim/ Motael Dili, Timor
Contact: Tel 325042
From: Aug 5 Contact info for ET political parties

April 2001 ACFOA: Walsh: East Timor's Political Party Profiles: UDC  Complete text of report [150KB] added May 22
"UDC was founded at a congress on 14 March 1998 in Lisbon, Portugal. The party participated in the CNRT Convention held in Portugal in April 1998 and is a co-founder of CNRT. UDC also participated in the CNRT National Congress in Dili 21-30 August 2000. ... UDC is based in Dili in a small, simply equipped office in the home of the UDC President, Vicente Guterres. UDC has adhered to the CNRT decision to restrict party political activity to the district level and at this point has only an estimated 1500 members spread through the 13 districts of East Timor. The Party is organised into a national congress and national council and administered through committees responsible for political, legal and financial affairs respectively. UDC also has a Christian Democratic Youth organisation, a Christian Democratic Women’s organisation and a Christian Democratic Labour organisation. UDC depends on contributions from its members for its financial resources. The Party is an observer member of the international union of Christian Democrats and maintains relations with the CDS/PP-Partido Popular in Portugal." Pat Walsh, Human rights consultant, Australian Council for Overseas Aid

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Maret 2001 ACFOA: Partai-Partai Dan Kelompok-Kelompok Politik Di Timor Timur: UDC  Téks [150KB] added June 29
"UDC didirikan pada kongres tanggal 14 Maret 1998 di Lisbon, Portugal. Partai ini ikut serta dalam konvensi CNRT yang diadakan di Portugal bulan April 1998 dan merupakan rekan pendiri CNRT. UDC juga ikut serta dalam kongres Nasional CNRT di Dili tanggal 21-30 Agustus 2000. ... UDC berpusat di Dili pada sebuah kantor kecil dan sederhana di kediaman presiden UDC, Vicente Guterres. UDC telah mendukung keputusan CNRT untuk membatasi kegiatan politik partai hanya pada tingkat kabupaten dan pada saat ini hanya memiliki sekitar 1500 anggota yang tersebar di 13 kabupaten di Timor Timur. Partai ini diatur dalam kongres nasional dan badan nasional dan dijalankan melalui komite-komite yang masing-masing bertanggung jawab atas masalah-masalah politik, hukum dan keuangan. UDC juga memiliki organisasi Pemuda Kristen Demokrasi, organisasi Perempuan Kristen Demokrasi dan organisasi Buruh Kristen Demokrasi. UDC bergantung pada sumbangan-sumbangan dari anggotanya sebagai sumber dananya. Partai ini adalah anggota pengamat dari Demokrasi Kristen Internasional dan mempertahankan hubungan dengan CDS/PP-Partido Populer di Potugal." Pat Walsh, Badan Bantuan Luar Negeri Australia

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