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Other info relating to Military Aid to Indonesia

A collection of other information related to war crimes and crimes against humanity through the provision of military, economic or diplomatic support to Indonesia.

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Up-Dated: Jan 29, 2002

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Main Contents: BD: Military, economic and political aid to Indonesia

Jul 17 BBC: TNI to crackdown on plans for independent West Timor  News added July 18
“If the plans are still only a matter of discourse then I will make no comment, but if an NTR [Independent Timor] is declared in NTT [West Timor], I will demonstrate no tolerance. I will wipe them all out! ... If this concept of forming an NTR violates the unity and sovereignty of Indonesia then this will be dangerous ... Have those proposing an NTR both from East Timor and Kupang thought this out properly? Plans like this will cause NTT to lose face with the rest of Indonesia” Nine/Udayana Military Area Commander Maj-Gen William da Costa

Jul 17 ABC: Australian report links Indonesian military with Timor militia  News & release added July 18
"The study, written by Australian diplomats, says the Indonesian military supported the violence of the East Timor militia with weapons, money, transport and strategic direction. It says Indonesian special forces set up a second chain-of-command to deal with the militia. ... A senior Foreign Affairs official says the book shows that Australia must be worldly wise and see that assurances from Indonesia’s military are not always reliable." Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Mar 23 AP: Pro-Jakarta Militias Vow To Continue Fighting ETimor Government  News & Background
"Indonesia invaded East Timor in 1975 and ruled it with an iron fist until a 1999 U.N.-sponsored independence referendum. The militias served as auxiliaries for the Indonesian army in the war against guerrillas. Their activity increased dramatically in the run-up to the plebiscite. Hundreds of East Timorese civilians were killed during army and militia rampages that followed the vote. Since the Indonesian withdrawal in October 1999, the gangs have operated out of bases in West Timor." Associated Press

Mar 6 UPI: Army key to Indonesia's power  Analysis
"Indonesia's top generals sent a message written in the blood of slaughtered Madurese civilians to President Abdurrahman Wahid last week, "You do not rule Indonesia, we do." ... in East Timor in the late 1990s, TMI [Indonesian army] did not hesitate to equip and lead paramilitary forces that inflicted a reign of terror on a population seeking independence from Indonesia. ... When Habibie angered Wiranto and other army commanders by agreeing to a referendum over independence in east Timor, they retaliated by unleashing a wave of terror within East Timor." Martin Sieff, Senior News Analyst, United Press International

Feb 7 NRP: Chomsky/Soares: Breaking Free: East Timor's Quest for Independence  Radio program added June 26
"For East Timorese people, independence came with great costs. Refugees are still languishing in camps in West Timor, and though they won the right to autonomy after the elections in October 1999, many people are asking why international agencies such as the United Nations continue to hold decision-making power instead of the East Timorese themselves. On this program, we take a look at intervention in East Timor." National Radio Project

Dec 10 2000 ACFOA Position Paper: Negotiations of the Timor Gap Zone of Cooperation  Report
"On 22 February 1991, the Timor Gap Treaty [between Australia and Indonesia] was challenged by Portugal next to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the basis that Australia had interfered with the rights of Portugal as the administering power of East Timor and “the right of the people of East Timor to self-determination”. At the same time it defended the right of the East Timorese to all resources on their seabed which should be determined according to the median line principle under UNCLOS III. The court dismissed the action because to invalidate the agreement it would needed to decide on the legality of Indonesia’s annexation of East Timor. However this could not be done since Indonesia did not recognize the jurisdiction of the Court." Australian Council for Overseas Aid

Nov 1999 NI: Make your own militia  Chronology added May 24
"24 July 1999: A secret six-hour meeting of militia and military leaders in Dili is held. They lay out a post-referendum plan that includes instigation of riots, targeting and assassination of independence activists and full mobilization of militias and armed forces. Makarim gives militia leader Eurico Guterres a list of 370 people to eliminate as part of a campaign of terror. All UN staff and foreign journalists are to be forced out of East Timor."

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