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Tribute to Waratah at a large Parliament House rally

Here are pics that Trish Fletcher took of Suzie Carcary holding a placard at a large Parliament House rally in Canberra on Sunday March 23rd, 2003.

They read about what Waratah is doing in Iraq on the BACK DOOR anti-war site and they made this poster as a tribute to her courage.

Trish hopes BACK DOOR can get these to Rosemary (Waratah). She is in the forefront of both Trish's and Suzie's mind - and their prayers are with her.

Trish and Suzie have never seen such courage and commitment. They send their love.

Trish Fletcher & Suzie Carcary:

Suzie holding placard at Parliament House rally #1 - 120kb

Suzie holding placard at Parliament House rally #2 - 120kb

The placard reads:
"WARATAH - strength and courage to cope with the dark night of the soul. Rosemary Gillespie - HUMAN SHIELD - Thankyou for your courage and commitment to Peace. You are in our hearts and minds always. Let the beauty and Wonder of the Land, the flowers birds and animals help us in our quest to heal the world."

Ed. note: BD did attempt to send these onto Waratah, but unsuccessfully. Waratah's press release was read out at the Sunday and the Monday rally by Indigenous representatives.

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