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Withholding Tax for Peace:

Information about:
* refusing to pay taxes to the Australian government that will be used in a war against Iraq
* redirecting those tax monies to support the casualties of war

Up-Dated: March 20, 2003

Withholding Tax: National (Australian) Register
Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR)
Register of individuals and businesses choosing to withhold taxes to be used for this war on Iraq:
Telephone: * Australia: 04 01 305 990 * International: +61 +4 01 305 990 [GMT +10 hours]

21 Feb 03 ABC: Bega business to withhold tax in Iraq protest  Radio interview added 20 Mar 03
"Recently a member of staff said she didn't want her taxes to go to supporting this war against Iraq and since I was the person who paid the taxes could I do something about it. We had a staff meeting, and all thirteen staff and partners are completely in agreement with withholding tax for peace." Jenny Spinks

21 Feb 03 RAR: Business refuses to fund war against Iraq  Media release added 20 Mar 03
"A business in Bega Australia has decided not to fund the war against Iraq. They are withholding 10% of their tax and donating it to support refugees. They are encouraging others to do the same." Laurel Lloyd-Jones, Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR)

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