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BACK DOOR Boletin Lia foun Konaba Timor Lorosae

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News, letters and articles concerning the language of Tetum

Tetum and Portuguese are the two official languages of Timor Lorosa'e. Tetum is the most widely spoken language.

Tau tan / Last updated: 24 Janeiru 2002
Lista boot ho lia tetun (índise principál)

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Jan 22 UNTAET: Ministers Discuss Development Of Tetum Language  News added Jan 24
"The Council of Ministers of East Timor’s Second Transitional Government met today to discuss issues relating to Tetum, one of two planned official languages. The Council was briefed by Benjamim Corte-Real, rector of East Timor’s National University. Corte-Real, who is also director of the university’s National Institute of Linguistics, described the institute’s work to encourage the use of Tetum as the lingua franca of the nation in order to preserve the cultural identity of the country. The institute has collaborated with other foreign institutions—including the Camões Institute of Portugal and the University of Sydney—in developing its Tetum-related activities." UNTAET Daily Briefing 22 January 2002

Dec 12 Basilio Araujo: Tetun as the official language of the future East Timor  Letters added Dec 29
"We have to congratulate the members of the Constituet assembly who have decided courageously to pass Tetun as the official language of the future East Timor independent country. ... It is not true that chosing Tetun is the same as closing ourselves to the world. ... The future East Timorese generation will thank and salute you for your historic decision." Basilio Araujo, author, thesis on Morphology of East Timor Language, Christian University of Jakarta (UKI)

Dec 11 AFP: Tetum and Portuguese named Timor's official languages  News added Dec 29
"East Timor’s fledgling lawmaking body on Tuesday adopted the tongues of both their native ancestors and Portuguese colonisers as the official languages of the world’s newest nation. Tetum and Portuguese were given the nod by 80 members of the 88-person constituent assembly, a body elected three months ago to draft a founding constitution for the half-island territory now five months away from full independence." Agence France Presse
“We used Tetum to recruit and unite people in the struggle against Indonesia ... (Independence leader) Xanana Gusmao used Tetum when he wrote letters to the youth, so we’ve always considered it the language of resistance" Mariano Sabino Lopes, of the youth-oriented Democratic Party

May 2001 AsiaFound: Nat'l Survey of Voter Knowledge  Foreword and executive summary added June 28
"Language: * The survey data confirm the strength of Tetum as a practical and preferred language. More East Timorese understand Tetum (91%) than any other language and can read and write Tetum (58%) than any other language.
* Tetum was overwhelmingly selected, by 80% of respondents, as the language of choice for election related information. Local languages were the second most popular choice at 17%, substantially more popular than Indonesian (3%)." The Asia Foundation

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