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BACK DOOR Boletin Lia foun Konaba Timor Lorosae

'BACK DOOR' ne'e katak odamatan kotuk (uma nian)

Esklaresimentu kona ba lia tetun

Tetum language resources

Tau tan / Last updated: 24 Fevreiru 2002
Lista boot ho lia tetun (índise principál)

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Haree: Lia-foun, karta ho artigu kona ba tetun lian / News, letters and articles about Tetum

Current AETA Resource List (Australia-East Timor Association)  Resources on ETimor updated Dec 16
AETA (Melbourne) provide a community-based service that includes the provision of books, educational materials, Tetum language books/kits and music CDs/cassettes. This diverse collection of resources includes materials that are otherwise difficult to obtain. - BD

Feb 21 Music CD: Anin Murak - Songs of Timor Loro Sa'e  Info updated Feb 24
"East Timorese composer/arranger Paulo Pereira dos Santos is the Director of the St Cecilia Choir in the parish of Balide, Dili. In 2000 he brought part of that choir to New South Wales [Australia] for the world's first tour of a Timorese choir outside Timor. The 23 choristers can be heard on this recording as Anin Murak (Golden Wind) singing traditional and new Timorese songs, mostly in Tetun, East Timor's main language. It is to be hoped that through this and similar recordings many people will begin to experience Timorese music, truly a gift to the world."
19 tracks including 23 colour photos, lyrics in original languages (Tetun, Tetun Terik, Naueti, Waima'a, Galoli) and translations into English.
To purchase CDs send a cheque for $A20 each (including postage) to:
Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies (MMIETS), PO Box 299, St Marys NSW 1790 - Australia
Overseas orders: Delivery is by surface mail. The equivalent of A$15 must be added to all payments NOT made in Australian dollars to cover bank charges.

Dec 10 Basilio Araujo: Research of the Morphology of Tetun Language  Letters added Dec 29
"I have found my thesis on Morphology of East Timor Language. ... Since East Timor is on its early stages for nationhood, I would like to contribute this thesis to the ministry of Education of East Timor in order to print it out for use by the teachers of East Timor Language in East Timor. I am sure that this research on Tetun Language Morphology is very important for the preparation of Tetun to become the national languge in the future." Basilio Araujo, author, thesis on Morphology of East Timor Language, Christian University of Jakarta (UKI)

Aug 16 J Hejak & A Tilman: New East Timor phrasebook released by Lonely Planet  Release added Aug 30
" ... East Timor is a land of many different languages and dialects. More widely used and understood than any other is Tetun, the first language of 20% of the people and the second language of most. ... Being the official language of East Timor, Portuguese cannot be overlooked. A chapter of the book is therefore dedicated to key phrases in Portuguese. For those going off the beaten track, three indigenous languages - Fataluku, Makasae and Kemak - are also covered. With and enticing food chapter ... plus a comprehensive health section, ... advice on etiquette and essential cultural information." Lonely Planet

Dec 1 PL: A Grammar of Tetun Dili  Info added Dec 16
"Pacific Linguistics is happy to announce the publication of the titles below: A grammar of Tetun Dili, by Catharina Williams-van Klinken, John Hajek, Rachel Nordlinger ... Tetun Dili is an Austronesian language spoken as a first language in Dili, East Timor. It is also spoken as a lingua franca throughout much of this fledgling nation, and is set to become its national language. ... This work constitutes the most detailed grammatical description to date of any language of East Timor, complementing an earlier description of Tetun Terik as spoken in West Timor." Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra

Dec 17 Linguistic map of Timor Island  Info added Dec 17
A Linguistic map of Timor Island is available at:
Languages of Timor Lorosae:

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