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by Waratah (Rosemarie Gillespie)

Dateline 5 March 2003

Today is a day of international peace, but is anyone in the White House listening?

[See poem below]


(Written on the International Day of Peace, March 5, 2003)

The sounds of many people praying
Carried on the wind
The heartfelt hopes and dreams,
Deep yearnings, For a world at peace
Where flowers can grow
And little children thrive.

The bombed out craters
Crushed buildings, crushed lives
All the world waits with baited breath -
Not again! we cry,
As the scourge of war hangs over us
Threatening to strike once more.

War is about power and unbridled greed,
Great violence used to gain control
To grind people into submission
By terror, destruction and death.

‘We are like a condemmed man
waiting to have his hand cut off.
America is so powerful’ said one,
Heavy bags under his eyes,
Smoking, coughing, and smoking again.

We are being dragged backwards
Back to the barbaric law of the jungle.
Whatever happened to civilized democracy?
And still the people keep praying
Little currents eddying
Grow to giant waves of hope and despair
Spreading in ever wider circles.

Still the warheads of the White House are not listening
As if we were dealing with china dolls, Or puppets on a string,
Minds fixed on bombing, from Basrah to Baghdad
Leaving a legacy of blood and tears
The bombing has started
It’s time to get up off our knees
To stop this new holocaust before it’s too late!
It is better to die on your feet
Than submit to the rule of the gun,
Those who invade, conquer and destroy ...

How long will it be
Before those who turn their guns on Iraq
Will turn on you?

Waratah (Rosemarie Gillespie)

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