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Contractor closing down and home downsizing sale. (Retiring).
Lowest prices on surplus stock, tools, equipment, machinery, new or as new or well maintained.
Location Canberra South (Wanniassa)

Coil with draw wire   Grey flexible conduit with draw wire
   Fuel resistant PVC,
   25mm I.D x approx 20m coil.
   $40 the coil.

big assortment    Conduit Fittings Grey and Orange
   All sizes 20 to 50 millimetres.
   bends, j-boxes, reducers plain and screwed, saddles, etc.
   $100 the lot.

cast iron head    Conduit Bender
   for 16 and 20 mm conduit.
   worn but still works well.

a steal at that price    HRC Fuses and Silver Links
   Huge assortment of cartridges, 2 to 400 Amp.
   several sizes of carriers, bakelite and ceramic.
   $200 the lot.

in good order    Extension Leads
   Mainly 3-Core 240 Volt 15 Amp Heavy Duty, well maintained.
   Orange 9m, 24m, black 11m, 27m, red 30m, red/yellow 25m, etc.
   Lengths shown are approx. Price range $9 to $25 per each.

suits generator    3 Position Change Over Switch
   4-Pole, 415 Volt, up to 400 Amp, complete.
   Stocked as a spare but never needed.
   Suits stand-by generator power. $40.

plenty of them    Stokes, Grimwood, suit Simpson, Chef, IXL, Westinghouse, etc,.
   2100W 8" G240, S1779, S1401, S1190-10 (2), S1248-10, S1501, S1749 (2), S1245, S1421, S1050.
   1250W 6 1/4" S1250-10 (2), S1052-10, S1503, S1192-10, S1753, S1403-10, S332-23, S1748.
   Sockets G12132, S1782-20, S1251 / G4893, Trays 6" S1091-5, 8" S1090-5 (2), Rims 6" S1256-7, 8" S1255-42 (2),
   Plenty of them in daily use, worth $100ea, just $200 buys you the lot.

click to enlarge    'Makuna' Precision Key Cutting Machine
   Complete with good range of key blanks and manuals. Good investment. 240V 10A plug.
   Buyer must provide photo ID.
   The lot is on offer for $500.

Create DVDs    Casablanca Video Editing Desk
   Accepts analog format. Add music, voice-over sound, fade in/outs, transitions, lead in/out, etc
   Output is DVDs. The Casablanca is Made in Germany and made many a movie. Desk is on wheels.
   Complete with monitor, mouse, keyboard, leads, instructions. Vgc.    $80.

oh so easy to use    Tree Lopper
   Extendable handle 2.7 metres.
   In very good condition.

with plug and cord    Honeywell Precision Thermostat
   Temperature setpoint variable, range 15 - 75 degC. Suits many uses.
   On/Off differential 5 degC.
   Wired complete with 3-pin plug and socket. $20.

smell the salty air    "Secluded Beach"
   Painting, acrylic on canvas, framed. Flying seagulls.
   Overall size 38 cm H x 68.5 cm W.
   Unblemished frame. Ready to hang. $100.

with real specs of gold    "The Gold Prospector's Pan"
   Historic picture and frame. "From grand dad's old hut."
   Can you see the pan and the creek? Iron and gold bearing sand glued onto a gal iron base..
   Frame is hand cut from an old fence. Size 47.5cm H x 41.5 W.   A gem for his den.    $80.

... silent night, holy night ...    Christmas Nativity Set
   Manger, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 3 Wise Men, Shepherd, Sheep, Ox and Donkey.
   Lights complete with 240Volt power adaptor.
   Joy for all ages ...   More info click here.    $90

Smile    etc, etc, etc, there is plenty more stuff coming
   plenty small stuff... and more big stuff... like: 14 ton crimper, Power Analyser, Megger Tester ...
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   $ rare bargains guaranteed.

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