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Catalogue and alternative designations VBRC 7, ESO 225-3, Wray 16-191, PNG 329.5+1.7  


Type Planetary nebula 
Position 15 55 34, -54 39 00
Constellation Norma
Camera and Telescope STXL6303 and 36.8cm RCOS Ritchey Chretien
Focal Ratio F9
Exposure Details A blend of narrow-band and RGB data with Astrodon series 2 filters. L=285m, Ha=180m, OIII=390m, R=G=B=90.  Luminance unbinned, all other colours binned 2x2.


Description A faint planetary nebula in Norma nearly in the same field as another faint planetary Shapley 1.  It is 100" in diameter and the central star is listed as magnitude 13.5 although it looks fainter.