Catalogue and alternative designations IC 4603, IC4604, IC4605 and IC4606.  IC4604 is jnown as the Rho Ophiuchus nebula and IC4606 as the Antares Nebula
Type Reflection Nebulae
Position 16 25.6, -23 27 (IC4604)
Constellation Ophiuchus and Scorpius
Camera and Telescope STL11000M and Epsilon180ED
Focal Ratio F2.8
Exposure Details A two frame mosaic with both frames LRGB 45:20:20:20 (Astrodon filters). Both binned 1x1
Description This shows most of the colourful set of nebulae in the region surrounding Antares.  The nebula surrounding Antares is rather rare as it is yellow rather than blue.Three globular clusters are visible.  From top to bottom M80, NGC6144 and M4.  Antares is just out of the frame