Catalogue and alternative designations M16 ( NGC 6611), M17 (NGC 6618).

M16 is often known as the Eagle nebula and M17 as the Omega or Swan Nebula


Type Emission Nebulae
Position 18 18.8, -13 47 (M16), 18 20.8, -16 11 (M17) 
Constellation M16 is in Serpens and M17 in Sagittarius
Camera and Telescope STL11000M and Epsilon180ED
Focal Ratio F2.8
Exposure Details LRGB 63:20:20:20 
Description Both these nebulae are well studied star formation areas and the famous pillars of creation shot was from part of M16.  M17 is one of the highest surface brightness emission nebulae in the sky.