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Catalogue and alternative designations M8, NGC 6523, Lagoon Nebula with the Trifid Nebula (M20, NGC 6514) at the bottom right


Type Emission Nebula
Position 18 03.8, -24 23
Constellation Scorpius
Camera and Telescope STL6303E and FSQ106ED
Focal Ratio F5
Exposure Details LRGB = 90:60:60:80 All binned 1x1 with Astrodon NIR filters. Red is assigned to a band peaking at about 850nm, Green peaking at about 830nm and Blue at 750nm.  The luminance is "visible blocked" with zero response shorter than 700nm.
Description This well known emission nebula is easily visible with the naked eye under a dark sky and the nebulosity covers some 90' x 40' in total.  The estimated distance is 1600 parsecs.  The nebulosity is considerably reduced in near infrared and many cooler and obscured stars are visible.