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Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Wednesday 4 April 2001


Xanana Gusmao Explains His Reasons For Quitting NC

Suara Timor Lorosae

Front Page headline

The President of CNRT/CN Xanana Gusmao finally explained his reason for quitting the National Council and said his resignation was aimed at making the point that the various organs cannot just pin their hopes on one individual.

Xanana’s clarification was in a message to an international conference on Timor Lorosae, currently being held at the University of Minho in north Portugal.
“Working within a framework in a transitional body has taught the National Council members a lot of lessons. These lessons will be very useful for us in the whole political process. The NC members now must realize their how to carry their responsibilities,” said Xanana in his message read out by his envoy, Roque Rodrigues.
Xanana stressed in his message that one important process towards the path of independence is political realization.
“I believe that the work priority, with regard to clarifying matters to the people, must be with the people in the districts ­ outside Dili.  This matter needs most attention. My present position does not allow me to fulfil this role,” said Xanana.

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