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February 2002 News, Articles & Reports:

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Feb 21 Music CD: Anin Murak - Songs of Timor Loro Sa'e  Info updated Feb 24
"East Timorese composer/arranger Paulo Pereira dos Santos is the Director of the St Cecilia Choir in the parish of Balide, Dili. In 2000 he brought part of that choir to New South Wales [Australia] for the world's first tour of a Timorese choir outside Timor. The 23 choristers can be heard on this recording as Anin Murak (Golden Wind) singing traditional and new Timorese songs, mostly in Tetun, East Timor's main language. It is to be hoped that through this and similar recordings many people will begin to experience Timorese music, truly a gift to the world."
19 tracks including 23 colour photos, lyrics in original languages (Tetun, Tetun Terik, Naueti, Waima'a, Galoli) and translations into English.
To purchase CDs send a cheque for $A20 each (including postage) to:
Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies (MMIETS), PO Box 299, St Marys NSW 1790 - Australia
Overseas orders: Delivery is by surface mail. The equivalent of A$15 must be added to all payments NOT made in Australian dollars to cover bank charges.

Feb 18 CA: Assembly discusses independence celebration  Release added Feb 19
"During the plenary session this morning the President of the Commission for the Commemoration of the Independence of East Timor, Jose Ramos-Horta (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) briefed the Constituent Assembly members. He underlined the three main objectives of the celebration: to pay homage to the martyrs who in the past have given their lives to the cause of independence; to celebrate the victory in the present; and to promote the new image of East Timor to the outside world. The CA [Constituent Assembly] members supported the work of Ramos-Horta. They expect the celebrations to be a success." Constituent Assembly, East Timor

Feb 15 SMH: Blue Book of horrors makes a diplomatic time bomb  Article added Feb 16
"An explosive secret report on Indonesia’s brutal occupation of East Timor is sitting in Canberra ... The material Jones saw as a desk officer in the former Joint Intelligence Organisation (JIO, now called the Defence Intelligence Organisation) contained damning detail about the brutality of the East Timor occupation, in which up to a third of the population, or 200,000 people, may have died. ...
The period it covers includes the harshest times for the East Timorese, when Indonesian forces shot and pillaged their way through the territory’s towns and villages, displaced rural populations to starve in holding centres, and induced widespread famine to break the guerilla resistance. Jones, now a business consultant in Western Australia, says the eight-chapter book is a harrowing record. “You’d cry if you read it,” he says, adding: “The truth must come out some day."" Hamish McDonald & Desmond Ball

Feb 15 MFAC: Upcoming meetings with Indonesia  Release added Feb 16
“The forthcoming meetings in Jakarta [actually Dempasar], the bilateral meetings between East Timor and Indonesia and the trilateral between East Timor, Indonesia and Australia, are a milestone both in the history of East Timor and in Regional relations. The East Timorese side pledges that, as a new country in the region, that we will work constructively with our neighbours to promote peace, stability and cooperation in this part of the world.” Dr Ramos-Horta

Feb 15 Constituent Assembly: 15 February 2002 press conference  Release added Feb 16
"Our main task is to listen to the people. ... We are always open to other opinions and criticism provided the criticism is constructive, based on facts and not destructive or just for the sake of criticizing. ... It will not make a difference if just one person is objecting to a provision in the constitution. But if the same issue would be raised in all districts, then the CA-members will take note of that point and discuss it later during the plenary session after returning to Dili" Arlindo Marçal, the vice-President of the Constituent Assembly

Feb 14 LUSA: Fretilin Leader Offers Gusmao 'Unconditional' Presidential Backing  News added Feb 16
"The president of East Timor´s dominant party, Francisco Guterres, told Lusa Thursday that Fretilin would give Xanana Gusmao “unconditional” support in April 14 presidential elections, regardless of what form his candidacy might take. Guterres, who is on a visit to Lisbon in his capacity as speaker of Dili´s Constitutent Assembly, said, however, that as a “national figure” he doubted Gusmao would stand for the presidency with the backing of opposition parties." Lusa

Feb 13 LUSA: East Timor: Gusmao Rejects Fretilin ‘Pressure’ To Run as Independent  News added Feb 16
"Independence leader Xanana Gusmao said Wednesday he had not yet decided whether he would run for the presidency of East Timor in April 14 elections, adding that he would not bow to “pressures from anyone” to stand as an independent candidate. ... With 10 days left to the deadline for formalizing presidential candidacies, Gusmao reiterated that he would not run as an independent nor as a candidate of the dominant Fretilin party, which he once led." Lusa

Feb 13 Prague Post: Human rights groups want limits on Czech arms to Indonesia  Article added Feb 16
“It [military aid to Indonesia] would send a signal that the international community and the Czech government is happy to endorse the military when it is not under effective civilian control, ... (The Czech government) must insist on getting assurances that these weapons would not get into the hands of units (in disputed regions) and that it also would have the ability to track where these weapons are going, ... Giving a blank check to the Indonesian military would be irresponsible.” Lisa Misol, Human Rights Watch
"The Czech Republic continues to play an important role as a [world arms] supplier and middleman. Murky deals with Sri Lanka and Yemen have provoked skepticism from human rights groups and even some of the country’s NATO allies. Still, with EU countries also selling weapons to Indonesia, there is little chance Kavan’s move will face domestic opposition." Michael Mainville, Staff Writer, The Prague Post

Feb 13 AFR: Megawati's stunt may haunt Howard  Comment and Analysis added Feb 13
"The surprise decision by the Indonesian Government to propose a Memorandum of Understanding with Australia for combating international terrorism is one of the cleverest diplomatic initiatives yet made in South-East Asia. ... The MOU is Jakarta’s response to pressure from the United States to clamp down harder on militant Islamists - Jemaah Islamiah, for example - who may have links with Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network. ... Before signing up, Canberra should have reflected on the moral value of an agreement with a government whose armed forces are better known for perpetrating, rather than preventing, acts of terror." Scott Burchill, lecturer, international relations, Deakin University’s School of Australian & International Studies

Feb 12-13 Behrens: Anniversary should give cause for reflection  Comment added Feb 7
"It is a year since an Australian Parliamentary delegation visited East Timor on 12-13 February 2001. Their report, dated 6 March 2001, provides "an outline of the visit and some observations relating to military and humanitarian concerns". Not one of the formal contacts the delegation made during their visit was with East Timorese, though they do mention informal contacts. Their sole recommendation was: "That the Australian Government consider the establishment of a permanent war memorial in East Timor to honour Australians who died in East Timor." " Dierk von Behrens

Feb 12 JRS: Repatriation of ETimor Refugees from WTimor  News added Feb 14
"On 30 January JRS Betun and Atambua (West Timor) attended a meeting to evaluate the current state of play concerning repatriation efforts of East Timor refugees. The meeting, held in Belu military district was attended by local officials, such as the Deputy head of the Belu district administration, the district military commander, and prominent figures from amongst the East Timor refugees. It was reported at the meeting that only 401 families had returned to East Timor, or only ten per cent of original predictions of 4000. In the last three months alone another 85 families have moved on to Sumatra according to the Belu officials. The JRS delegation felt that the meeting was not overly productive and did not bear any fruit as to possible solutions for the repatriation of the East Timor refugees." Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)

Feb 12 Constituent Assembly Consultation schedule revised  Release added Feb 14
"The members of the Constituent Assembly approved today a new calendar for the remaining part of the constitutional process. The previous timetable, which included 9 March 2002 as deadline, had proved to be too tight. ... From 23-25 February the CA-members will depart to the districts in order to be there in time for the public consultations which will take place between 25 February and 2 March 2002. ... Before the consultation process a total of 50.000 copies of the constitution (in Portuguese, Tetum, Bahasa Indonesia and English) will be distributed throughout the country. ... After the public consultations the members return to Dili to write reports about their meetings throughout the country. ... The constitution will be signed on 16 March." Assembleia Constituinte, Timor Leste

Feb 12 Asia Times: Indonesia-Australia: Shaking hands with clenched fists  Analysis added Feb 13
"Signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on counterterrorism with a country so internally inconsistent and fragile, while at the same time expecting solid and sustainable outcomes, will hardly keep Australia-Indonesia relations at a “realistic” level. ... the bilateral MoU includes the provision for the training and education of Indonesian officials. Could not that training and education also be used against Acehnese and West Papuan secessionists? Australia once before crossed over this line of aiding the Indonesian internal security apparatus when it allowed its Special Air Service (SAS) to train and exercise with Indonesia’s special forces, Kopussus. Kopussus used the knowledge gained by their joint training with the SAS against many local anti-Javanese insurgents, including the East Timorese, much to the embarrassment of the Australian government and the outrage of Australian and international human-rights groups." Purnendra Jain, professor, Center for Asian Studies, Adelaide University & John Bruni, adjunct lecturer, Politics Department, Adelaide University, Australia

Feb 11 StratFor: Isolated Indonesia Eyes Australia for Support  Analysis added Feb 13
"Indonesia and Australia signed an anti-terrorism cooperation agreement Feb.  7. Though both countries have had relatively serious diplomatic problems with each other in the past, this new agreement will guarantee Indonesia a powerful regional ally as it is increasingly shunned by its Southeast Asian neighbors. ... Both sides pledged greater intelligence sharing, training and visits between officials ... Close contact with Canberra will give Jakarta much-needed military and diplomatic support in the region and will advance Australia’s efforts to gain more strategic influence in the region." Stratfor Geopolitics Analysis

Feb 11 SMH: East Timor approves draft constitution  News added Feb 13
"In another step towards nationhood, East Timor’s constituent assembly has approved a draft of a constitution guaranteeing basic civil liberties and a mixed economy for the new state that will emerge on Australia’s doorstep in May. The 168-clause document establishes a semi-presidential system of government. Under it an elected president can dismiss the prime minister and veto legislation, but in a framework of strong checks and balances." By Jill Jolliffe, Herald Correspondent in Dili

Feb 10 SunHerald: Snub Kopassus  News added Feb 13
"The Indonesian Army now admits its brutal special forces unit, Kopassus, was involved in the recent murder of West Papuan independence leader Theys Eluay but Prime Minister John Howard appears to have opened the door for Australian SAS troops to again train Kopassus. ... At the time, the Nine Network’s Sunday program revealed details of a joint SAS/Kopassus training exercise in which captured East Timorese independence fighters were forced to act as targets. The Australian public did not support this sort of training." Sun Herald (Sydney)

Major Document
Feb 9 2002 CA: Draft Constitution of East Timor (Official English translation)  200KB Document added Feb 19
"The following is the official English translation of the Draft Constitution of East Timor, as approved by the Plenary of the Constituent Assembly on 9 February 2002. Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesia versions and PDF files are at"

Feb 8 CCET: Freedom without justice in East Timor?  Statement added Feb 14
"An international support network of Christian groups and churches at the Twelfth Christian Consultation on East Timor, held in Antwerp from 7-9 December, joined its voice to a mounting international campaign and called for Indonesia to set a deadline of July 2002, after which an international tribunal should be set up to deliver justice. This would allow the East Timorese a chance to move on from the events of the Indonesian occupation." Catherine Scott for Christian Consultation on East Timor (CCET)

Feb 8 Reut: East Timor plans independence celebrations  News added Feb 13
"This is primarily a national celebration, ... Festivities are being planned at all levels, with events at sub-district, district, national and international levels." Caroline O’Brien, media liaison officer for Independence Day Celebrations
"A preliminary schedule is expected to be posted on the East Timor website next week."

Feb 7 NDI: Timorese demand more from elected reps  Release added Feb 9
“The focus group results clearly indicate that the people of East Timor have enthusiastically embraced democracy. Participants are eager for a better political and economic future and they look to their leaders to take them there, ... However, participants expressed no blind faith in political leaders after a traumatic 24 years of Indonesian occupation and resistance, the people of East Timor are an alert and demanding constituency. Focus group participants acknowledged that they have high expectations from their leaders and that they want their interests represented by their elected representatives,” Report published in English, Tetum, Portuguese and Indonesian, available soon on the NDI web site at

Bahasa Indonesia/Malay:
Peb 5 Solidamor: Anggota DPR Bersikap Picik Dan Bagaikan ‘Katak Dalam Tempurung’
Pernyataan ditambahkan tanggal 7 Pebruari 2002
"Perdana Menteri Australia John Howard dijadwalkan akan berkunjung ke Indonesia pada 6-8 Februari mendatang. Lawatan Howard ini mendapat tentangan keras oleh sejumlah anggota DPR dan Ketua MPR Amien Rais. Katanya, pemerintah Australia telah mencampuri urusan dalam negeri Indonesia seperti dalam kasus Timor Timur dan diduga akan mendukung usulan referendum untuk Papua pada Kongres Rakyat Papua mendatang. ... Ungkapan dari Wakil ketua DPR Soetardjo Soerjoguritno yang menyatakan bahwa campur tangan Australia dalam masalah Timtim masih menyakitkan sungguh amat mengaburkan fakta sejarah. Karena Australia merupakan satu-satunya negara di dunia yang mengakui kedaulatan Indonesia atas Timtim. Sebaliknya, Indonesia lah yang harus bertanggungjawab atas pendudukan di Timtim karena hal ini jelas-jelas ditentang oleh mayoritas negara di dunia termasuk PBB, dimana Indonesia menjadi anggotanya." Bonar Tigor Naipospos, Ketua Dewan Pengurus, SOLIDAMOR

Feb 5 Solidamor: Indonesia’s Reps take blinkered view of PM Howard's Visit
Position Statement added Feb 7
"The Prime Minister of Australia John Howard is scheduled to visit Indonesia from 6th to 8th February. The visit has met with strong opposition from a number of members of the parliament (DPR) and from Amien Rais, Chairman of the Consultative Assembly (MPR).  The Australian government, they claim, has been meddling in Indonesia’s internal affairs as in East Timor and is suspected of supporting a proposed referendum for Papua at the forthcoming People’s Congress of Papua. ... The statement released by the DPR Deputy Chairperson Soetardjo Soerjoguritno saying that Australia’s interference in East Timor still hurts, fails to take into account the historical facts. After all, Australia was the one and only country in the whole world which recognised Indonesian sovereignty over East Timor. It is Indonesia which must take responsibility for its occupation of East Timor, an act which was clearly opposed by a majority of the countries in the world as well as by the United Nations of which Indonesia is a member." Bonar Tigor Naipospos, Chairperson, SOLIDAMOR

Feb 5 JP: Czech Republic offers Indonesia wide-range defense equipment  News added Feb 6
"Visiting Czech Deputy Prime Minister for Foreign and Security Policy/Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Kavan, ... said that Czech arms factories were known worldwide and were ready to supply defense products to Indonesia. ... Indonesia’s traditional arms supplier, the United States, has imposed a ban on arms sales to the Jakarta government following human rights abuses in its former province of East Timor in 1999, where massive destruction and human rights violations were allegedly conducted by the Indonesian Military (TNI) after the province opted for independence in a United Nations-sponsored referendum. ... Currently, the Czech Republic is fighting to become a member of the [European] union. The EU lifted its military embargo on Indonesia two years ago. ... “We perceive Indonesia as the stabilizing factor in the region,” he [Kavan] remarked." Fabiola Desy Unidjaja, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Fev 5 Lusa/Fim: Xavier do Amaral é o primeiro candidato presidencial
Notícias de 6 fevereiro 2002
"Francisco Xavier do Amaral, que em 1975 foi escolhido pela Fretilin como presidente de Timor-Leste, foi ontem nomeado como primeiro candidato nas eleições presidenciais marcadas para 14 de Abril próximo, confirmou a Comissão Eleitoral Independente (CEI). Xavier do Amaral, actual vice-presidente da Assembleia Constituinte e líder da Associação Social Democrata Timorense (ASDT), foi nomeado como candidato por uma das forças políticas mais pequenas, a PARENTIL (Partai Republik Nacional Timor-Leste), que não tem qualquer assento na estrutura timorense.  A nomeação foi apresentada na CEI às primeiras horas da manhã de ontem, o primeiro dos 19 dias previstos para a apresentação de candidatos partidários e independentes que contestarão o sufrágio de 14 de Abril." Lusa/Fim

Website Foun
Fev 5 Komisaun ba Simu, Lia Los no Dame Malu nian iha Timor Lorosa'e
Link tau tan 6 Fevreiru 2002; Website iha lian sira: lia-inglés, lia-tetun, lia-portugés ho bahasa.
Uma-fatin (pájina primáriu):
"Komisaun ida ne’e hanesan mekanismo ida nasional independente hodi ajuda proseso reconsiliasao entre populasao Timor Lorosa’e ho buka lia los kona ba violasao direitos humanos iha Timor Lorosa’e iha tinan 1974 – 1999. Uluk liu, CNRT maka hato hanoin atu hari Komisaun ida ne’e.  Tuir mai equipa ida composto de representantes hosi CNRT, ONG Nasional nen, UNHCR no devisao dereitos humanos UNTAET halao nia knaar oin sa hari komisaun ne’e. Equipa ne’e halao tiha ona proseso konsulta ba destrito hotu hodi rona visao publiko kona ba idea hari komisaun ne’e.  Konselho nasional simu tiha ona regra ida hodi hari komisaun ne’e. Agora regra ne’e sai hanesan lei iha Timor Lorosa’e."

Novo Site
Fev 5 Comissão de Acolhimento, Verdade e Reconciliação de Timor Leste
Link de 6 fevereiro 2002; Inglêsa, tetum, português e língua de indonésia.
Página de casa:
"A Comissão é um mecanismo nacional independente que assistirá a reconciliação entre timorenses e procurará encontrar a verdade relativa à violação de direitos humanos cometidos entre 1974 e 1999. A Comissão foi inicialmente proposta pelo CNRT.  Posteriormente, estabelecida como uma comissão composta por representantes do CNRT, seis timorenses, ONGs, ACNUR e a divisão de Direitos Humanos da UNTAET. Esta Comissão deslocou-se à todos os distritos para auscultar a opinião pública em relação a ideia de criação da mesma.  Depois do Conselho Nacional ter aprovado o regulamento que estabelece a Comissão, este mesmo regulamento transformou-se em Lei em Timor Leste."

Bahasa Indonesia/Malay:
Situs-Web Baru
Feb 5 Komisi Penerimaan, Kebenaran dan Rekonsiliasi di Timor Lorosa'e
Halaman Uatama:
Link ditambahkan tanggal 6 Febuari 2002; Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Tetum, Bahasa Portugis dan Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu.
"Komisi ini adalah sebuah mekanisme nasional independen untuk membantu proses rekonsiliasi antara masyarakat Timor Lorosa'e dan untuk mencari kebenaran tentang pelanggaran hak asasi manusia yang terjadi di Timor Lorosa'e antara 1974-1999. Usulan untuk pembentukkan Komisi ini dimulai dari CNRT dan dikembangkan lebih lanjut oleh sebuah panitia persiapan yang melibatkan CNRT, enam LSM nasional, UNHCR dan Divisi HAM UNTAET. Panitia ini telah melakukan sebuah proses konsultasi ke semua distrik untuk mendengar pandangan publik tentang ide pembentukkan Komisi ini. Dewan Nasional telah menyetujui sebuah peraturan untuk membentuk Komisi ini. Kini peraturan tersebut telah menjadi hukum di Timor Lorosa’e."

New Site
Feb 5: The Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation?
Link added Feb 6; Website in these languages: English, Tetum, Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesia.
"The Commission is an independent, national mechanism which will assist reconciliation between East Timorese and establish the truth about human rights violations committed between 1974 and 1999. The Commission was initially proposed by CNRT. It was then developed by a committee comprising representatives of CNRT, six East Timorese NGOs, UNHCR, and the UNTAET Human Rights Unit. This committee traveled to all the districts to listen to public opinion on the idea of establishing this Commission. Since then, the National Council has approved the regulation which establishes the Commission. This has now become the law in East Timor."

Feb 5 UNTIL-NDI: focus group discussion report “Carrying the People’s Aspirations”  Seminar invite & report launch added Feb 6
"[You] are invited to attend a joint-seminar [in Dili] hosted by the National Research Center (CNIC) of the East Timor National University and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) on the release of the focus group discussion report “Carrying the People’s Aspirations”. The report is the result of research conducted jointly the UNTIL Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and NDI late last year. ... The seminar will be conducted with simultaneous translation in Tetum and English. ... For those outside of East Timor, it is planned that electronic copies of report will be available on the NDI web site after the report’s public release." Jim Della-Giacoma, Resident Representative/Chief of Party, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Feb 4 Truth Commission goes online  Release added Feb 9
"The first meeting of the National Commissioners of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation took place today. The meeting follows the swearing-in of the Commissioners on 21 January, and was chaired by the Deputy Transitional Administrator, Dennis McNamara. At the meeting, Aniceto Guterres Lopes was elected to serve as Chair of the Commission and Father Jovito Araujo was elected as Vice-Chair. ... Following the meeting, the new Commission Chair Aniceto Guterres launched the Commission’s web site, which contains comprehensive information on the background and functions of the Commission. It includes up-to-date news reports, profiles of the National Commissioners, and articles relating to the views of prominent East Timorese on reconciliation and justice issues."

Feb 4 Age: UN fears for future of East Timorese refugees  News added Feb 6
"A senior UN official is pessimistic that it will be possible to return about 70,000 East Timorese refugees stranded in Indonesian camps to their homeland before independence on May 20. ... In the past two years, 716 children have been reunited with their parents, but more than double that number are still outside the territory. Mr Kerblat said that although the UNHCR received excellent cooperation from some Indonesian officials in 2001, “currently we detect very, very few efforts to promote returns, despite our increased meetings and efforts to promote reconciliation”." Jill Jolliffe, Dili

Feb 4 Rt: East Timor headed for contested presidential vote  News added Feb 5
"East Timor looked headed for a contested presidential vote after the electoral process began on Monday with the opening of a registration period for political parties and candidate nominations. The April 14 election will be East Timor’s first presidential vote. ... By midday on Monday, Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officials confirmed to Reuters that one candidate, Francisco Xavier do Amaral, had been nominated by the National Republican Party of East Timor (Parentil), a youth party formed in February 2001. The nomination ended speculation over whether charismatic independence hero Xanana Gusmao would run unopposed, analysts said. ... Do Amaral is a member of the Timorese Social Democratic Association (ASDT), a party with six seats in the Constitutional Assembly." Reuters

Fev 3 Lusa: Fórum Social debate Timor-Leste e dilema de aderir ou não a economia de mercado
Notícias de 5 fevereiro 2002
"A quatro meses de proclamar a sua independência e sair da administração das Nações Unidas, em 28 de Maio, os cerca de 800 de mil habitantes de Timor-Leste vivem um dilema que deve ser resolvido nas eleições gerais de Abril: aderir ou não à economia de mercado, à globalização. Este foi hoje o tema de um seminário do Fórum Social Mundial, em Porto Alegre, Brasil, debatido por cinco organizações não governamentais (ong) de Timor-Leste. Segundo Isildo Guterres Tilman, da ong Centro de Desenvolvimento Económico e Popular, há uma grande pressão internacional de empresas, bancos e organismos como as Nações Unidas, o Fundo Monetário Internacional e o Banco Mundial, entre outros, para que o país escolha o caminho da economia de mercado. A pressão, segundo ele, é muito mais do que verbal." Manuel Lume, enviado da Agência Lusa

Feb 3, 2002 ET NGOs at the World Social Forum in Brazil  News and event added Feb 1
"IBASE-INSTITUTO BRASILEIRO DE ANÁLISES SOCIAIS E ECONÔMICAS was the sole Brazilian NGO in East Timor last year, and I had the great opportunity to coordinate the project Sharing Experiences on Community Empowerment and Policy Development in partnership with Oxfam Australia-CAA. Now 10 Timorese NGOs will present a seminar at the WORLD SOCIAL FORUM. If you happen to come to Brazil for the WSF, please join us in the discussions that will follow the seminar." Regina Domingues,
Coordinator, Ibase Timor Leste Project, Brazil
"Timor Lorosa’e (East Timor) is being born amid globalization. Come and join us thinking and proposing alternatives to the economic model imposed on the newest country of the Third Millennium." Ibase, Oxfam Austrália-CAA, Women’s Political Caucus, Fokupers, La’o Hamutuk, Centre for Peace and Development, Labour Advocacy Institute, CDEP, KSI, Sah’e Institute for Liberation, Haburas, Yayasan Hak

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