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OPMT: The Popular Organisation of East Timorese Women - Organizacao Popular de Mulher Timor

Sewing Program in Timor Loro Sa'e

The OPMT Sewing Program is an ongoing OPMT activity. OPMT members voluntarily teach sewing and needlecraft five afternoons a week to widows, orphans and other socially disadvantaged Timorese women. The program is perceived as crucial to the aims and objectives of OPMT as it provides women with a means of establishing a level of economic self-sufficiency. The women are taught the skills necessary to either produce clothing and linen cheaply for their family needs or to set up their own small sewing businesses.

The program is vastly under-resourced; OPMT as an organisation is reliant on donations from supporters, particularly international supporters. However even if OPMT received sufficient funds it is difficult to obtain resources in East Timor as there are still no suppliers of sewing or needlecraft materials.

For this reason OPMT sought small donations of sewing and needlecraft materials from supporters in Canberra during December 2000.

Bahasa Indonesia:
OPMT: Organizacao Popular de Mulher Timor / The Popular Organisation of East Timorese Women  Updated Mar 12
Sejarah Pendek: Organisasi ini muncul pada tahun 1975 begerak di bidang sosial dan emansipasi perempuan Timor di segala aspek eksistensinya sesuai dengan evolusi perang di Timur Timor.
Kegiatan Sekarang lsm dan Kebutuhan Utama: Kebutuhan sekarang adalah mengadakan aksi sosial seperti memberikan bantuan kepada yang membutuhan.
Kegiatan Sekarang: Aksi sosial (periodik).
Rencana: Akan mengadakan kegiatan di tiga kabupaten.

OPMT: The Popular Organisation of East Timorese Women / Organizacao Popular de Mulher Timor  Updated Mar 17
Women's Issues
OPMT is a registered East Timorese non-government organization (ETNGO)
Short History: OPMT (FRETILIN's women's organisation) emerged in 1975, to promote the emancipation of women in all aspects of life, appropriate to their evolving role in East Timor. As an East Timorese women's organisation OPMT has been dealing with the impact of Indonesian rule that has dominated their lives for the past 25 years culminating in the violence around the UN sponsored Popular Consultations in 1999. It is these women who have been dealing with those who have been severely psychologically and/or physically traumatised. They have been helping address the needs of women who are the main carers of children (many of whom are orphans), the injured, sick and the elderly.
Current situation and primary needs: OPMT emerged from their clandestine existence at the FRETILIN Conference in Dili in May 2000. OPMT's current needs include the general need for social action such as giving assistance to those who need it.
Current Activities: Social action (periodic). Also: OPMT Sewing Program in Timor Loro Sa'e & OPMT English Language Program
Plans: OPMT plans to undertake activities in three districts. OPMT has a vision for how the new country can support the people's needs.

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