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Jan 6 2001 Brian Manning: "People-centered grassroots power-devolving reconstruction of East Timor" Letter added Jan 22

BACK DOOR objectives:

"People-centered grassroots power-devolving reconstruction of East Timor"

The apparent stagnation of the East Timorese economy with it's attendant unrest contributed to by gross unemployment and disillusionment of the population with the snail pace of reconstruction and imposed priorities can be corrected by this objective [of BACK DOOR Newsletter on Timor Lorosae].

This objective can be achieved with funding by the World Bank / IMF / The International Community by way of non-repayable loans to the people and Communities whose property has been wantonly destroyed. The funds should be recouped from the perpetrators; nominally the Indonesian Government / Military. (Failure to do so should result in withholding of Indonesian loan funds and military aid). The Indonesian Government and "Judiciary" might then more earnestly pursue the persons responsible instead of the current farcical charades, and in turn recover the costs from the Indonesian Generals who profited from the 24 years of usurping East Timor's assets.

No Indonesian claim for property return or compensation should be considered before the claims of East Timorese victims are satisfied.

Brian Manning

About Brian Manning:

"I am a member of the MUA, have lived in Darwin 45 years. I was invited to East Timor in May 1975 on the occasion of the first anniversary of the founding of Fretilin through an invitation by Fretilin to the Northern Territory Trades and Labor Council to send delegate. I have been a Fretilin activist / supporter since. I was privileged to be involved with a small  group of CPA Activists who maintained radio communications for some years between Fretilin and their external Mission. Much of the news obtained was published in a paper edited by a dedicated comrade, Denis Freney, a Sydney based Tribune Journalist who sadly succumbed to cancer before witnessing the fruits of his efforts. I also returned for the May Conference last year.

I have no doubt that Fretilin hold wide popular support amongst the Maubere people and that Fretilin are translating their aspirations into policy. This was evident in 1975 and was the main cause of the Coup attempt by the UDT who could see they had buckleys chance of winning a fair election.

Fretilin are no longer a part of CNRT which achieved it's intended objective, namely: to get the Indonesians out. They are now turning their attention to fine tuning their policies and despite financial difficulties, working to restore their country. They deserve financial help. Their opposition appear to be well funded. I can see elements of that rump now involved in "new" political groups attempting to delay the progress of Independence toward a real democracy. Perhaps the most important struggle will be the development of a Constitution which will not saddle the people with an ineffective anchor to the new East Timor."

Brian Manning

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