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BACK DOOR Newsletter on East Timor

Financing Reconstruction in East Timor
Fundu Ba Rekonstrusaun Timor Loro Sa’e
Bantu uang: Rékonstruksi:

A collection of recent reports and articles concerning the funding of reconstruction including the 'development' banks.

Up-Dated: Feb 5, 2002

Financing Reconstruction - Main Contents page:
Priorities for Funding  Updated Sep 10
The Need for Funding for Reconstruction  Updated Jan 18, 2002
Some Sources of Income for Reconstruction  Updated Jan 16, 2002
Watching & Monitoring Aid and Trade  Updated Jan 22, 2002
Free/Unfair Market Capitalism  Updated Feb 5, 2002
United Nations (UN)  Updated Nov 5
'Development' Banks:
* Asian Development Bank (ADB)  Updated Oct 30
* International Monetary Fund (IMF)  Updated Feb 5, 2002
* World Bank (WB)  Updated Feb 6, 2002
Bilateral Financial Aid  Updated Feb 5, 2002
Alternatives to the imposed Economic Model  Updated Feb 5, 2002

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* Bilateral Financial Aid