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Up-Dated: Jan 19, 2002

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ET NGO Forum: Complete list of 117 registered International NGOs working in East Timor:
[300k] Jan 19, 2002
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East Timor Action Network U.S.
SOLIDAMOR "Solidaritas Tanpa Batas"

The Indonesia Human Rights Network
East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign (ETISC)
Foreign Policy In Focus
SOLIDAMOR "Solidarity Without Borders"
Observatório Timor Leste / East Timor Observatory / Observatoire Timor-Oriental

The Indonesia Human Rights Network  Updated Feb 15

  • IHRN, a new non-governmental organization created by human rights activists, is now working for peace and justice in Indonesia. Through education, grassroots organizing, lobbying in Washington, public education, and press work, IHRN strives to support progress already made by NGOs struggling for democracy in Indonesia.
  • IHRN is committed to advocating on behalf of people throughout Indonesia, including ethnic Chinese, indigenous minorities, women, and the peoples of Maluku, Aceh, and Papua. The network actively promotes understanding and interchange between people in the Indonesian archipelago and the US.
  • IHRN is grassroots-based and U.S. policy-focused. We strive to move U.S. foreign policy to support human rights, civilian control of the military, and rule of law in Indonesia. IHRN aims to break the power of the Indonesian military by denying it international support, thus freeing up the peoples of Indonesia to make their own economic and political choices. The network will help stop continuing military repression and violence across the archipelago by exposing it to international criticism and sanction.

  • E-mail Lynn Fredriksson:  Homepage:

    East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign (ETISC)  Added June 14
    . The East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign (ETISC) was founded in April 1992 by Tom Hyland, a former bus driver. One evening about a month prior to that Tom and a group of friends had been playing cards in his house when a neighbour arrived and asked to watch a programme called First Tuesday on ITV. The programme was about a country they never heard of called East Timor. They sat mesmerised as they watched Indonesian soldiers gunning down 270 peaceful unarmed East Timorese. This massacre had taken place on November 12th 1991 in the Santa Cruz cemetry in Dili.
    . Tom and the others were so shocked by what they saw that they resolved to so something. So a converted room in Tom’s house in Ballyfermot, they set up ETISC to campaign to raise awareness in Ireland of the plight of East Timor. At first the group had very little but by borrowing typewriters and a computer from friends they started writing to politicians and the media. They also started giving talks in schools, colleges, clubs, trade unions,a nd to anyone who would listen.
    . Every November 12th, ETISC held demonstrations at the British or Australian embassies because of the support these countries had given to Indonesia in terms of arms and diplomatic support. The biggest break for the campaign with then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating’s visit to Ireland in September 1993. After Keating arrived, hundred of people demonstrated outside Dublin castle where he was meeting leaders from all political parties. The incident received huge coverage and was debated and discussed on radio, TV and all the newspapers. This helped bring the plight of East Timor to the people of Ireland.
    . Since then the leading role of Ireland—which has campaigned actively on the issue of East Timor—in the EU and the UN—has been acknowledged including by the joint winners of the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize, Bishop Carlos Belo and Jose Ramos-Horta, East Timor’s foreign minister in exile. In a speech in Toronto in 1995, Dr. Horta declared: “In terms of its influence and in what it has achieved, no country has done more for East Timor than Ireland.”
    . The group is based in Dublin and most of the people who work there are volunteers.
    Contact: Room 16, (3rd floor), Dame House, 24-26 Dame Street, Dublin 2. Tel/Fax: 353-1-671 9207
    Jun 11 Visit to see Tom Hyland, East Timor Ireland Support Campaign:
    Jun 10 Univ: "The Joy that freedom Brings":

    Foreign Policy In Focus
    The goal of the FPIF project is to forge a new global affairs agenda for the U.S. Government and the U.S. people--one that makes the U.S. a more responsible global leader and global partner. The FPIF project - through its inclusive structure, multimedia character, comprehensive scope, and commitment to rethinking the operative principles of U.S. foreign policy--is playing a vital role in establishing a new vision and a cohesive policy framework for a more responsible U.S. role in the global community. The project's network of advocates, activists, and scholars serves as a think tank without walls, functioning as a dynamic base from which to reach out to the constituencies that are essential to ensuring that U.S. foreign policy represents a more broadly conceived understanding of U.S. national interests.

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