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East Timor - Australian Partnerships:

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Up-Dated: Aug 12, 2004

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BACK DOOR Newsletter on Timor Loro Sa'e [this site] 
Overview of Relationships between Cities and Districts in Australia & Timor Lorosa'e
NGO Forum: Complete list of over 100 registered International NGOs working in East Timor
Organisations solely focused on a partnership with East Timor
Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies - Sydney
The Australia East Timor Association (AETA) - Melbourne & Sydney
The Kangaroo Valley - Remexio Partnership (NSW)
East Timor Community Computer Project (ETCCP) - Darwin
‘Friends of the UNTIL Library’ group
Byron Friends of East Timor (BFET) - Byron Bay, NSW
East Timor Campaign - Melbourne
Networks, Peak bodies, Umbrella agencies
Australian Council for Overseas Aid
Other Individual organisations
APHEDA: Trade Union Aid Abroad
Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific (ASAP) [formerly ASIET]
Green Left Weekly
Caritas Australia
Community Aid Abroad - Oxfam Australia
Community Aid Abroad Trading
The Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific
East Timor International Support Centre


Overview of the Development of Relationships between Cities and Districts in Australia and Timor Lorosa'e: Oct 11 2001 Woodcroft-Lee: Friendship Cities  Updated Feb 7, 2002
Includes: Port Phillip/Suai; Moreland/Hume-Aileu; Darebin Yarra/Baucau; Casey/Ermera; Mornington Peninsula/Los Palos; Ballarat/Ainaro; Kangaroo Valley/Remexio.

ET NGO Forum: Complete list of 117 registered International NGOs working in East Timor:
[300k]  Updated Jan 19, 2002

Organisations solely focused on a partnership with East Timor:

Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies  Up-dated Aug 12, 2004
MMIETS is a Sydney based charitable institute established in 1994 in response to an appeal for help by Bishop Belo and in consultation with the East Timorese community. It was created to assist in meeting the cultural, educational, health and material needs of the people of East Timor. MMIETS is safeguarding East Timorese culture by promoting the use of the language Tetum within the Church and general education and is developing a Tetum literacy program to this end.
PO Box 299, St Marys NSW 1790 AUSTRALIA
Phone: 02 9623 2847
Fax: 02 9623 1573
Timor Sea Justice Issues:

The Australia East Timor Association (AETA)  Updated Nov 2,  2001
The Australia East Timor Association was the first and longest serving solidarity organisation for East Timor in Australia.
The Melbourne Branch is 25 years old. The Melbourne Branch has an extensive book list via mail order.
Melbourne contact: John Sinnott Email:  Phone: 61 3 9416 2960  Postal address: PO Box 93, Fitzroy Victoria 3065, Australia
The Sydney Branch was formed in 1992. The Sydney Branch brings out a Newsletter [available to anyone upon request:] which includes NGO Report Backs, Coming Events And Media Digest. Contact Sydney thru email  The Sydney Branch meets the 4th Wed of the month at UTS Tower Building, 3rd floor. Details Stephen Langford (02) 9331-5986. Postal address: c/-PO Box 703, Leichhardt, 2040
Current AETA (NSW) Events:
Current AETA Resource List (Melbourne):

The Kangaroo Valley - Remexio Partnership  Up-dated Oct 14

Go to the people
Live with them
Learn from them

Begin with what they know
Build with what they have
Be committed

But of the true leader
When the work is done
The task is accomplished
People will say
"we did it ourselves"

Lao Tse B.C.

The Kangaroo Valley - Remexio Partnership - Is a special 'sister district' partnership set up by the people of Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia to assist the people of Remexio, East Timor in their rebuilding program.
Contact Christine Nobel: Telephone (02) 4465-1285  Email:
See: Oct 11 Woodcroft-Lee: Friendship Cities: Relationships between Localities in Australia & Timor Lorosa'e  Overview

East Timor Community Computer Project (ETCCP)  Updated Jan 1, 2002
ETCCP is an international non-government organization (INGO) registered with FONGTIL
ETCCP is a non-profit organisation made up of volunteers committed to the struggle of the East Timorise people for self determination, who have come together to answer a request from East Timorese community organisations, education groups and East Timorese Non Government Offices (NGOs), for the installation and training in computers, computer networks and computers skills at a grassroots/community level in East Timor.
Specific achievements of the ETCCP include:
* Establishing a free community computer school in Bebenuk
* Donating and installing an electric water pump for the Bebenuk community and helping repair a sewerage pipe and lay a concrete slab in the communal clothes washing area.
* Training local Timorese people to deliver training and computer repairs
* Installing and maintaining computers at a number of community locations e.g: Laga, Los Palos, Manatutu.
* Delivering and distributing clothes, household items and books to the remote enclave of OeCusse.
* Tranport and delivery of aid for the City of Moreland and the City of Darebin.
* ETCCP truck used by communities for collecting rocks, building materials and firewood.

Byron Friends of East Timor (BFET)  Added Aug 16
BFET was established in late 1999 as a response to the Indonesian Government’s destruction and carnage in East Timor after the August referendum in which over 78% of the East Timorese people voted for independence from Indonesia. BFET established aims to provide direct and immediate assistance to suffering East Timorese people, as well as to give up-to-date information on East Timor within Australia, including to the Australian Government so that we can lobby for policies which support international human rights against the tyranny of despotic governments and military juntas.
Email Maxine Caron:

‘Friends of the UNTIL Library’ group  Updated Oct 16
(UNTIL – Universidade Nacionale Timor Loro Sa’e)
A Friends of the UNTIL Library group is being formed in Sydney (and hopefully in other states) to help co-ordinate Australian efforts to raise funds and material resources. It will be a representative coalition of active members and groups from the library community, universities and colleges, churches, unions and other community groups concerned to help this very important project in East Timor. UNTIL is an East Timor Library Project established by APHEDA in partnership with The National University of Timor Loro Sa'e (UNTIL), Dr Amindo Maia, the Rector of UNTIL and Father Filomeno Jacob, Cabinet Member for Social Services. The aim of the project is to help re-establish the East Timor University Library, which will become when fully operational, the cornerstone of the developing National University of East Timor.
Email: Arlene Perks at  Email group at
See: Oct 16 Friends of the UNTIL Library  Letter re founding meeting on Oct 10 2001

East Timor Campaign - Melbourne  Added Jan 19, 2002
The Free Timor Campaign is a non-profit organisation which has been operating on a volunteer basis for many years of the struggle for East Timor's independance and freedom from violence. During the violence of 1999 the campaign worked to voice the public outrage at the massacres and terrorism to pressure various world powers to intervene and protect innocent people. Once the peacekeepers were in, the focus became both to monitor fair and fast distribution of aid, and to continue being a central point of contact for political and humanitarian projects and links between Australia and East Timor.
Two main focus points (early 2001):
* safety and security of the refugees still in militia dominated camps in West Timor
* Timor Links: a new organisation establishing partners hips between groups and individuals in Australia and hundreds of Timorese community groups.
Katrina Langford, TimorLink Project Officer: Mob: 0417 353 201 Email:
East Timor Campaign: 3rd Flr, Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton, 3053; Tel: (03) 9663 6611
Email:  Homepage:

Networks, Peak bodies, Umbrella agencies:

Australian Council for Overseas Aid  Up-dated May 16
ACFOA is the peak body of the Australian Aid and Development Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). It provides membership services, eg. training, and it develops policy and advocacy related to development issues. Members adhere to a Code of Conduct [68k]. ACFOA has various working groups who are part of its policy/advocacy activities. The East Timor Working Group meets now every two months to share information on East Timor, build up strategies to campaign and lobby governments in matters such as the refugees in West Timor, to liaise with AusAID, the ET NGO Forum [101k](a similar organisation to ACFOA in East Timor), etc.
Email:  Homepage:  ETimor Webpage:

Other Individual organisations:

APHEDA: Trade Union Aid Abroad 
Linking Australian workers to the world
Up-dated Apr 16, 2002
APHEDA: Australian People for Health Education and Development Abroad
APHEDA is the overseas humanitarian aid agency of the ACTU. APHEDA's work focuses on: technical and vocational training in developing countries in particular with refugees and marginalised peoples; development education within the union movement and wider community.
APHEDA Operates In: East Timor, South Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Cambodia Vietnam, Philippines, Burma, Pacific (Kanaky & Bougainville Refugees) ETimor Project Officer - Jacquie Davidson
Telephone: * From within Australia & from mobile in ETimor: (02) 9264-9343  * From landline in ETimor: 001 61 2 9264-9343  * From other countries outside Australia: +61 2 9264-9343
Email:  Homepage:  East Timor Update January 2001:
"The few INGOs that have established local partnerships are setting the pace of change. The Australia-based Trade Union Aid Abroad (Apheda), for instance, has a consistent record of working with the CNRT to realise meaningful self-determination in East Timor, and should be seen as a model for the partnership approach."James Goodman, Committee of Management of AID/WATCH in 'Partnership versus ‘consultation’ in East Timor'

Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific (ASAP)  Updated Jan 25, 2002
formerly Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET)
ASAP is a network of activists around Australia who are building solidarity with and support for movements for social justice, genuine democratisation and self-determination around the Asia Pacific region.
Key ASAP policies include:
* Opposing Australian intervention into Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea, which is aimed at strengthening the imposition of neo-liberal and austerity policies by the IMF, World Bank and transnational corporations;
* Opposing all Australian support for, and links with, the repressive apparatus of these countries;
* Building support for the progressive and radical movements in these countries which are fighting for genuine democracy, social justice and economic sovereignty, (including the Socialist Party of Timor PST).
ASIET established Indonesia - East Timor Campaign Watch in early 2000, and has published findings every 4 months since then.
P.O. Box 458, Broadway 2007, Australia  Phone: 02-9690 1032
Old ASIET site:  ASAP’s new website is at

Green Left Weekly  Updated Jan 22, 2002
GLW was launched in 1990 by the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), the socialist youth group Resistance and other progressive activists to present the views excluded by the big business media. In these days of growing media concentration GLW is an independent voice committed to human and civil rights, global peace and environmental sustainability, democracy and equality.
Email: Homepage:  International News Webpage:

Caritas Australia  Up-dated Nov 15
Caritas Australia (estab. 1964 as Australian Catholic Relief) is the official development and relief agency for the Catholic Church in Australia under the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference in response to requests being received from the countries of the Pacific, Asia and Africa for financial assistance to help the poor in their countries. The organisation is part of the Caritas Internationalis network of 146 autonomous Catholic aid and development agencies active in 194 countries around the world. Caritas works with the poor and marginalised through supporting the community development programs of our Caritas partner agencies.
P.O. Box 196, Dili, Timor Lorosa’e (via Darwin, Australia); Fax: +670(390)313274
Email in ETimor: | Email:
Homepage:  ETimor Webpage:

Community Aid Abroad - Oxfam Australia  Updated Feb 17, 2001
CAA is an independent, Australian, secular and voluntary community-based organisation that brings together people from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures in order to build a fairer world. Community Aid Abroad merged with the Australian Freedom From Hunger Campaign in 1992, and the combined organisation is the Australian member of Oxfam International.
CAA's work in East Timor includes rehabilitation of urban water supply systems; health promotion; capacity building with Timorese groups involved in environmental health activities, as well as other local community groups undertaking activities ranging from women's collectives, to human rights, and carpentry and other start-up ventures.
Homepage:  ETimor Webpage:

Community Aid Abroad Trading  Added Dec 23
CAAT is part of an international fair trade movement, with an alternative approach to international trade which aims at sustainable development for marginalised producers around the world. Working with our parent, Community Aid Abroad - Oxfam Australia, and other Alternative Trading Organisations worldwide, we seek to do this by providing better trading conditions, by awareness raising and by campaigning. Our bottom line is people, not profits. By purchasing from our Online Shop and Shops around Australia, you are not only getting unique gifts from Africa, Asia and South America, you are helping disadvantaged people around the world build a better future for their families and communities. That's what we mean by 'Gifts That Give Twice'.

The Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific  Up-dated Jan 3
AFAP is a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Sydney, Australia with development programs in the Asia-Pacific Region. It is an member of the Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International (FSPI) network, the oldest, largest, and most experienced secular NGO network in the Pacific. AFAP promotes sustainable, self-reliant community development projects in the areas of institution building, health, education, literacy, agriculture, environmental protection, hospital rehabilitation, village improvement, disaster relief and rehabilitation and small industry development which emerge from the aspirations of the local people. Email:  As an ACFOA member, AFAP adheres to a Code of Conduct.

East Timor International Support Centre  Updated Oct 25
Note that ETISC is now finished up operations. It is no longer functioning. The website still contains valuable information, including travel information. Based in Darwin, ETISC was established in 1996 and chaired by Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta, supporting the people of East Timor in their struggle for self-determination.
Timor Today daily news:
East Timor info on the ETISC site is no longer up-dated.

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