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Political Parties
Partidos Políticos
Partai Politik
Partidu Polítiku:

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Up-Dated: Feb 6, 2002

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In alphabetical order of acronym:

Updated Sep 22
AssociaçaoPopularDemocráticadeTimor Pró-Refrendum
Asosiasi Demokrasi Populer Timor Pro Referendum
Pro Referendum Popular Democratic Association of Timor

Updated Feb 6, 2002
Associação Sosial Demokrata Timorense
Asosiasi Sosial Demonkratik Timor
Timorese Social Democratic Association

Updated at least once a week
Frente Revolucianário de Timor Leste Independente
Front Revolusi Kemerdekaan Timor Timur
Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor

Updated Sep 22
Klibur Oan Timor Aswa'in
Asosiasi Pejuang Timor
Sons of the Mountain Warriors or Association of Timorese Heroes

Updated Feb 6, 2002
Partido Republica National Timor Leste
Partai Republik Nacional Timor-Leste
National Republican Party of East Timor

Updated Sep 22
Partido Democrático
Partai Demokratik
Democratic Party

Updated Sep 22
Partido Democrata Cristão
Partai Kristen Demokrat Timor
Christian Democrat Party of Timor

Updated Sep 22
Partido Democrático Maubere
Partai Demokrasi Maubere
Maubere Democratic Party

Updated Sep 22
Partido Liberal
Partai Liberal
Liberal Party

Updated Sep 22
Partido Nacionalista Timorense
Partai Nasionalis Timor
Timorese Nationalist Party

Updated Sep 22
Partido de Povo de Timor
Partai Rakyat Timor
People’s Party of Timor

Updated Sep 19
Partido Social Democrata Timor Lorosa'e
Partai Sosial Demokrat Timor Lorosa'e
Social Democrat Party of East Timor

Updated Jan 19, 2002
Partido Socialista de Timor
Partai Sosialis Timor
Socialist Party of Timor

Updated Sep 22
Partido Trabalhista Timorense
Partai Buruh Timor
Timor Labour Party

Updated Sep 22
União Democratica Cristão de Timor
Serikat Demokrasi Kristen Timor
Christian Democratic Union of Timor

Updated Jan 22, 2002
União Democrática Timorense
Serikat Demokrasi Timor
Timorese Democratic Union


April 2001 ACFOA: Walsh: East Timor's Political Party Profiles Complete text of report [150KB] added May 22
"East Timor is now entering the last, crucial stage of the transition process to full independence. ... The scene is now set, however, for the political parties to take their rightful place under the spotlight as key players in the democratic process. This is a healthy and positive development which excesses by some should not be permitted to undermine. ... How many parties will contest the election? Who are their leaders and how does one contact them? How have they changed from previous times? What ideas and policies do they have for East Timor’s development, foreign policy and so on?"  Pat Walsh, Human rights consultant, Australian Council for Overseas Aid

Bahasa Indonesia:
Maret 2001 ACFOA: Partai-Partai Dan Kelompok-Kelompok Politik Di Timor Timur  Téks [150KB] added June 29
"Timor-Timur kini tengah memasuki tahap akhir yang penting dari proses transisi menuju kemerdekaan penuh. ... Tetapi sekarang partai-partai boleh menduduki ‘centre stage’ untuk memainkan peranan penting mereka dalam suatu proses demokrasi. Ini adalah suatu kemajuan yang positif dan sehat di mana kelebihan seseorang tidak menjadi faktor yang melemahkan. ... Berapa banyak partai yang akan bertanding dalam pemilihan? Siapa pemimpin partai-partai tersebut dan bagaimana mereka dapat dihubungi? Seberapa berbeda partai-partai ini dibandingkan dengan yang sebelumnya? Apa ide-ide dan kebijakan mereka terhadap pembangunan di Timor Timur, kebijakan luar negeri dan sebagainya?" Pat Walsh, Badan Bantuan Luar Negeri Australia

Mar 5 OTL: Partidos políticos e Forças pró-independência  Report
"Oito partidos apresentam-se sob a bandeira da independência. Dos cinco partidos criados em 1974, quatro foram levados a colaborar, mais ou menos, com o ocupante indonésio. A FRETILIN sempre se opôs à ocupação. Consciente da vantagem que adquiriu, a FRETILIN sente-se limitada na frente comum proposta por Xanana Gusmão, e quer partir à conquista do poder. Mas para alguns isso faz renascer a lembrança da guerra civil de 1974 e provoca apelos angustiados de Xanana Gusmão a favor da unidade nacional."  Observatório Timor Leste

Mar 5 ETO: Political parties and Pro-Independence Forces  Report updated Apr 27
"There are 8 parties behind the independence flag. Of the five parties set up in 1974, four eventually collaborated, to a greater or lesser extent, with the Indonesian occupiers. FRETILIN always maintained its opposition to the occupation. Aware of its present advantage, FRETILIN now feels restricted as part of the united front proposed by Xanana Gusmão, and wants to leave it to conquer its own territory. For some, however, talk of such a move only rekindles memories of the 1974 civil war and impels Xanana Gusmão to appeal for national unity." East Timor Observatory

BD: Pro-autonomy Movements / Pró autonomia Movimentos - A collection of recent information, reports, articles and news

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