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BACK DOOR Newsletter on East Timor

The 2005 TIMOR OIL Collection
Mina ho Gas iha Tasi Timor nian laran/okos
Minyak dan Gas di Laut Timor
O Petróleo do Mar de Timor
Le pétrole de la Mer de Timor:

Return East Timor's oil and gas revenue!
Australia nia ulun tenki fo fila fali mina ho mos gas ba Timor Loro Sa'e!

updated: 14 Oct 2005

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Background Resources
/ Tada Uluk / Sumber Latar Belakang Informasi:

* Fact sheets / Surat Popular / Lembaran-lembaran Fakta  Updated 23 Sep 05

* Indepth Analysis / Lia hakerek Matenek / Analisis  Updated 23 Sep 05

* Major Sources of Information / Tada Boboot / Sumber (informasi) utama  Updated 23 Sep 05

Timorese Position statements  Updated 27 Apl 05

Voices in Solidarity  Updated 9 Oct 05

Timor Sea Petitions & Urgent Actions  Updated 27 Apl 05

Timor Sea Talks  Updated 14 Oct 05

Events in Australia  Mostly up-to-date

Latest emailout  Updated 11 July 05

Links to Timor Oil info  Updated 22 Sep 05

Archive  - prior to Jan 2002

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