Friday 5 March: 8pm


At Mackillop House Conference Centre,

50 Archibald Street, Lyneham


Carolyn Rolls:

“Where in the Brain is Jung?”

The title of this talk comes from a play on the words

“Where in the world is Wally?”. In these books, children are asked to find a small picture of “Wally” within the chaos of other images.


It seems that the same strategy can be applied when Jung’s concepts of psychological structures are mapped over the burgeoning research findings about the function of the brain. From recent professional development workshops that Carolyn has attended, an interest has been sparked for exploring this topic.


Carolyn will aim to use simple explanations from modern brain research to explain the development and workings of the psyche. Through group discussion it may be possible to uncover the extent to which overlap occurs between scientific discoveries and Jung’s concepts for psychological strategies
used by all human beings.


Carolyn Rolls is a psychologist who has worked in the area of child development for more than 30 years.

She has relied on Jungian concepts to explain behaviours of children

and to help parents in their task for raising mentally healthy individuals.






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