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The objects of the society are:
i To study and teach the work of Carl Gustav Jung and its
applications by means of lectures, discussion and study
groups. To this end the Society will develop and publish
systematic lists of lectures and other activities. The Society
will also establish a library of relevant books, tapes,
journals and papers for the use of members and of other
persons approved by the Librarian.

ii To associate with similar bodies and interested persons in
Australia and elsewhere.

iii To compile a record of lectures presented at the Meetings of
the Society during the year. A copy of this record shall be
retained in the Library.


i Membership shall be open to all interested persons.

ii Application for membership shall be made to the Honorary
Secretary of the Society.

iii Honorary Life membership may be conferred by the Society.


The income and property of the Society shall be used solely for the promotion of its stated objectives. The members and the office-bearers shall have no rights to the property or other assets of the Society solely by virtue of them being members or office-bearers. No portion of the income or property of the Society shall be paid or distributed directly or indirectly to any person (otherwise than in the ordinary course of undertaking any public benefit activity) or to any member of the Society or Executive Committee, except as reasonable compensation for services actually rendered to the Society, or reimbursement of actual costs or expenses reasonably incurred on behalf of the Society.


i The Executive Committee shall administer the affairs of the Society.

ii The Executive Committee shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, a Librarian, a Publicity Officer and any other office holder positions created by an Annual General Meeting. Other persons (not holding an office) may also be elected to the Executive Committee at an Annual General Meeting. These officers shall be elected for a period of one year at the Annual General Meeting.

iii Nominations for such offices shall be completed on an approved
form, seconded, signed by the nominee and be in the possession of the Honorary Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

iv All nominations shall be listed on the notice circulated to
members advising the date and agenda of the Annual General Meeting.

v At the Annual General Meeting a ballot shall first be taken
for the office of President, who will then take the chair and
conduct the election of the other officers.

vi Should nominations exceed the number required for any
office, the Chairperson shall conduct an election by ballot
and appoint a scrutineer. The election shall be by written
ballot. The candidate polling the greatest number of votes
for the office nominated shall be declared elected.

vii Should a vacancy occur in any office during the year, the
Executive Committee shall appoint a member for the un- expired term.

viii The Executive Committee shall meet as required.
ix The quorum of the Executive Committee shall be three (3) members
(see Section

x The Committee shall have the authority to co-opt any person
or persons who in their opinion would render service to the Society.

xi Should any member behave in a manner contrary to the good
order and general wellbeing of the Society, its membership
or objectives, such member shall be requested to meet the
Executive Committee at a special meeting. Should the Executive
Committee after investigation and consideration, find
such a member's affiliation with the Society unacceptable
such decision shall be conveyed to the next General Meeting
at which a quorum is present. If, after hearing any explanation
which such member desires to submit, the General
Meeting is of the opinion that such a course is warranted, it
may then direct that the member's name be removed from the
register of members and that further application for membership
be refused for a stipulated period.


The duties of the President shall be:

i To take the chair or appoint a chairperson at all meetings of
the Society. The chairperson shall not exercise a
deliberative vote on any motion or in any election but shall
exercise a casting vote in the event of a tie.

ii To convene and preside at meetings of the Executive Committee,
or to appoint a person to preside in his or her stead.

iii To appoint a person to:

(a) record the lectures presented at meetings of the Society and

(b) keep a copy of these records in the Library.


The Honorary Secretary shall have the power to delegate any of
his or her duties to an Assistant Secretary.

i To carry out the requisite secretarial duties of the Society.

ii To prepare and compile accurate records of all General and
Executive Meetings and to present them at a subsequent
meeting for confirmation.

iii To prepare an Annual Report of the Society's activities for
presentation to the Annual General Meeting.


The Honorary Treasurer shall have the power to delegate any of
his or her duties to the Assistant Treasurer.

i To acknowledge by receipt all subscriptions, donations and
moneys received on behalf of the Society.

ii To lodge all moneys so received with the Society's bankers.

iii To prepare a Statement of Receipts and Payments and a
General Balance Sheet for the current year setting out
Assets and Liabilities. These, when duly audited by the
Society's Auditors and bearing their signatures, are to be
presented at the Annual General Meeting.

iv To perform all other duties necessary to carry out those
listed above.


At the Annual General Meeting a person who is not holding
any Executive Office in the Society shall be appointed an Auditor of
the Society. He or she shall at any time have immediate access to all
financial records and shall audit the financial report for submission
to members at the Annual General Meeting.


The Librarian shall have the power to delegate any of his or her
duties to an Assistant Librarian. The duties of the librarian
shall be:

i To keep an accurate record of all books, documents and
records on loan.

ii To submit to the Annual General Meeting a report on library
activities during the year.


i There shall be at least one General meeting in each year at
which office bearers shall be elected for the ensuing year.
This meeting is to be held no earlier than nine (9) calendar
months nor later than fifteen (15) calendar months following
the previous Annual General Meeting.

ii Extraordinary General meetings may be convened at the
direction of the Executive Committee or by 10 financial
members in writing to the Honorary Secretary giving one (1)
calendar month notice of the meeting.

iii The Honorary Secretary shall forward to all members
notification of each meeting at least one week prior to such

iv The business of the Annual General Meeting shall consist of
the Annual Reports to members, the election of office bearers
for the ensuing year and the matters for discussion duly
submitted by notice of motion. Other matters of concern or
interest may be raised by members under 'other business'.

v Any member desiring to submit any motion at the Annual
General Meeting shall present the same in writing to the
Honorary Secretary at least one (1) calendar month prior to
the Annual General Meeting, for inclusion in the notification
to members.

vi The quorum necessary for the conduct of any business at
any Executive Meeting shall be three (3) members and at a
General Meeting two thirds of the members or five (5)
members, whichever is the fewer (see Section 5.ix).

vii Only financial members may vote.


i The Financial Year of the Society shall terminate on the last
day of each calendar year.

ii All moneys paid out by the Society shall be by cheque
signed by any two of five designated signatories who shall
be the President, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary
Treasurer and two other members of the Executive Committee.


i The annual subscription shall be recommended by the Executive-
Committee and approved by the members at the Annual
General Meeting and shall consist of two rates: one for
single membership, and a concession rate (for students, pensioners and the unemployed). An annual subscription may be waived at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

ii Annual subscriptions become due in March each year.

iii New members who join the Society after the first of August
in any year shall be required to pay only half the relevant
subscription for the full year.

iv Membership shall terminate and the member's name be deleted
from the register of members, should the member be two (2)
calendar months in arrears with the subscription, and subject
to the member's being advised in writing of the default
and failing to remit the subscription within one further
calendar month.


Any alteration to this Constitution may be dealt with only at an
Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting
convened for that purpose. Notice of a motion for alteration to
the Constitution must be set out in full in writing and presented
to the Honorary Secretary at least one (1) calendar month prior
to the meeting at which the proposed alteration is dealt with.


i Should a time come when the activities of the Society no
longer conform to the Objects as defined in paragraph 2; or
it is no longer able financially to meet its commitments; or
its membership is so reduced as to make the requirements of
this Constitution inoperative, then the Society shall be
formally closed down.

ii This closure shall be decided by a majority of the members
present at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for
that purpose. The requirement for a quorum shall not apply
at such a meeting.

iii Should there be a bank credit in the name of the Society,
such money shall be donated to a charity or other body
nominated by the Extraordinary General Meeting.

iv The Library and any other effects shall be offered to an educational institution or society to be chosen by the Extraordinary General Meeting.


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