Vale Dr Paul Ruefli. 16 04 1941- 02 08 2023

 Clinical Psychologist,

Member ANZSJA (Zurich)

Paul passed away Wednesday August 2. His unexpected death may come as surprise to many.
He knew in June this year that a pancreatic cancer meant that he had only months to live. He set about preparing for his ‘departure’.

I think of Paul as a character of kaleidoscopic blacks, whites with muted intersecting colors - where a clear pattern you thought you understood would suddenly shift to reveal another take. Escher-like. I was taken aback by Paul on many occasions.

I came to appreciate his unique character and gifts because he frequently consulted with me on challenging client issues. Based in Canberra he was sought after to handle complicated PTSD situations among AFP, Military and bureaucratic personnel. - I suspect he had security clearance based, perhaps, on his early career in aeronautical engineering with the NASA Apollo Missions.

I knew Paul as extremely diligent, with a polymathic brain, generous and at home handling confronting, prickly, paradoxical and politically entangled cases. His clinical breadth of skills and forensic acumen gave him the mental framework to do so and his Jungian training and spiritual disciplines gave him humanity and philosophical depth. Paul was one of a kind.

Craig San Roque
August 2023


Updated by Robert James 9th August 2023