Australian General Semantics Society

Here are some of the events we have enjoyed in 2002:

AGS picnic at Cooper Park -
A wonderful day shared with friends.

Meeting Challenge and Change -
- By analysing thoughts and feelings.

Practical Devices and Techniques -
- Delayed reaction, semantic relaxation, etc).
Assumptions and the premises of GS:

April 2002
Skills for Effective Thinking -
No ... It hasn't all been said before!

May 2002
Communication Processes -
Moving beyond the theory of it all!

June 2002
Mid year Social Event -
We took stock ... and rejoiced!

July 2002
How to Behave in a Calm, Composed and Confident Manner -
An application of some GS formulations: P1->T1, assumptions, expectations, degree, perfectionism, self-reflexiveness, viewpoint, projection, etc.

August 2002
MacNeal's Decision Making Formulations -
- and how to apply them in your life.

September 2002
Introduction to GS(1)
A general introduction to general-semantics for the beginner.
Coordinator: David Hewson

October 2002
Introduction to GS(2)
A more advanced introduction to g-s for the beginner going to one of Milton's seminars in the following month.
Coordinator: David Hewson

November 2002
AGS was most pleased to be able to present a series of three seminars featuring Mr Milton Dawes; a presenter of general-semantics from Canada, with an outstanding reputation in North America.

Special November Seminar Program

Milton's Sunday Seminar:
Success Strategies ...
... that you can use in your work and the rest of your life.
Presented by Milton Dawes at Woodstock, Burwood.

Milton's Wednesday Evening Seminar:
Changing Our Lives by Changing the Way we Think ...
... about ourselves, others, things and the way we use words.
Presented by Milton Dawes at Randwick.

Milton's Weekend Seminar:
How to Better Apply What You Know ...
... applied to GS formulations. With special application to:
"What makes each of us unique, how to make the most of it" (a GS perspective)
... and ...
"Understanding, and being Understood"
Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th November.
Presented by Milton Dawes
at the Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort in Fairy Meadow.

December 2002
*** Christmas Get-Together ***
Movie, followed by discussion over dinner.
Organised by: Everyone :-)

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