Australian General Semantics Society


 "Personality" Seminar August 10th 2003


Nature or Nurture, Jung or Freud,

Aristotle or Korzybski, dichotomy or continuum -

How can we possibly comprehend the human condition?

Should every word in this sentence be in quotes?

Does general-semantics lead us to valuable insights?

Can you really wait until August 10th?


Presenter: Robert James


1. Reflections on our seminars this year.


2. Personality: Nature or Nurture - Does it matter?


3. The MBTI Type Indicator - An Instrument, not a Test!


4. The MBTI - Discussion, Analysis and Reflection.


5. Korzybski and Jung - Principles and Practices


*** Lunch ***


6. Alternative Approaches to Typing.


7. Some Case Studies.


8. Implications


9. Planning







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