Australian General Semantics Society


Saturday 13 August, 2006 at Gavan's

General-semantics and Human Relationships

Your relationships and what GS can do to help improve them

Led by David Hewson

First we looked at what problems we have in our relationships. 


People talked about the problems they had at work (co workers and bosses) and with family members (eg sister and son).


We then discussed what factors cause these problems.


Then we talked about which general-semantics formulations can help.  e.g. That others don't cause your emotions exclusively and that you have a lot of control over them. We considered the ABC model, and the issue of blaming others, which is not generally the best way to handle a behavioural problem.


Finally we talked about how best to apply what we know, as shown in the following diagram:


*** *** 0 *** ***


The AGS Annual General Meeting was conducted with appropriate aplomb.


The officers elected were:

President:            Mr Robert James,

V.President:        Mr Laurie Cox

Treasurer:            Mr Gavan Callaghan

Secretary:            Mrs Pauline Davis

Public Officer:     Mr David Hewson

Membership, Media, Mapping, Marketing, Making Money and Monitoring Manager: 

Mr Dion Wilton.



Laurie Cox reported on his visit to Spain to see Isabel Caro (GS therapist, writer and scholar).  Laurie will be placing 3 papers by Caro in the AGS library.



The next meeting, in August is on

August Sun 13th at Gavan's

General-semantics and human relationships

Your relationships and what GS can do to help improve them.

Led by David Hewson 


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