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"Self-Reflectiveness "


Sunday Seminar 26 February 2006

Presenter: Laurie Cox


How to use it to reduce argument, criticism and conflict from a Caro viewpoint


1. Preliminaries

Coming together, catching up ...


2. Self-reflectiveness


~~~ Luncheon (per kind favour of Gavan) ~~~


~ Close ~

Australian General Semantics Society


"Self-reflectiveness "


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1. Preliminaries


Coming together, catching up ... Always an important feature of our gatherings, as the social web that binds us transcends many ideological-doctrinal differences. 


2. Self-Reflectiveness

1.     General news & coffee being served up by Gavan.  Laurie said he would be missing the March and April AGS meetings due to his eye surgery.  His doctors told him he will need 10 weeks to recover.  The surgery is scheduled somewhere around March 15th.

2.     Laurie had a list of 90 trigger questions.   These trigger questions included: self reflexiveness, "In therapy we deal with inferences by inferential means",  Korzybski's four step abstraction model, language habits and re canalisation, consciousness of abstracting, definition of "fact", circularity of knowledge and objectification. We covered about 4 or 5 of these in the morning and the energy levels and participation was high.  Liz Collins put in some valuable contributions on canalisation.  Gavan commented on how well Pauline was contributing to the discussion..

3.     Then we had a lovely barbeque lunch outside on Gavan's back lawn.  Cooked by Gavan.  Topics at lunch ranged from trusting ones own senses through to how to make a film.

4.     We then went on our after lunch walk while Gavan slaved over a hot tub of dish washing water...

5.     Immediately after lunch Laurie set aside 1 hour to discuss his latest projects with the group.  The group was very quiet during this talk.

6.     Then Laurie got back to a few more of his trigger questions and the energy levels picked back up again.

  1. After the session we had a quick committee meeting to discuss library rules and where the library was headed.  See attached document.


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