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President's Report 2007

24 March

Review of last year’s Conference

With DVDs brought back by David.
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22 April


How to communicate without the use of the verb "to be" in all its forms. 

e.g. E-prime removes: "is", "was", "were", "are", etc from standard English.

Led by Dion

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19 May

“Beyond Truth”

What is ”truth” ... ?
Truth for whom?  When?  Where? Why?
Is there any absolute standard for truth?
Can something be true for you but not for
Can the same "fact" be true now but false at another time?

Led by Robert

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17 June

Identification & Timebinding, Tragedy & Triumph – Part 2

Led by Laurie

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 21 July
Consciousness Debate Revisted

We looked at the debate on this topic

and how GS formulations can shed some light

 on why people find it difficult and possible ways to improve the debate

 and get a more accurate map of the territory. 

 We used formulations such as: viewpoints, elementalisms, multi-meaning,

extensional defintions, identification/reification, projection, etc. 

Some of us found this a challenging day.

Led by David

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19 August

(Identification and Timebinding, Tragedy and Triumph – Part 3

Led by Laurie

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15 September

“The Goldilocks Enigma”

Why is the world so perfect - Did God make it just for us?
If God did not make the world, then who did?
Is there any role for "Intelligent (non-God) Design"
Why do people get all het-up about Evolution / Creationism?

Led by Robert

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21 October



Led (at short notice) by David

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10 November
Utilitarianism and Time Binding

What "is" time-binding?
Is it the same for everyone, over all time?
How can we know what's "best" - Best for whom, when?
Does GS allow for "absolute values", or isit all about pragmatism?

Led by Robert

 (Updated 23 November, 2007)

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