Australian General Semantics Society



AGS Monthly Seminar


May 2009 at Gavan's


"What ‘Is’ this GS Business, Anyway … ?”


A little on the history, the wo/men, the magic and mythology of it all ...


Led by Robert


1. Catching-up

We “always” allow a little time for review of our lives and activities.


2. Introduction

A purpose of this seminar was to work on clarifying some of the GS “identity” issues that we struggle with, and identify some historical and context issues.


3. Book Reviews (by Laurie)

“The Gentle Art of Persuasion” by Chester Porter QC

          Issues in advocacy and the workings of justice in our community.


“The Brain that Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge

          Studies in neuro-plasticity and capacity of our brain to “re-locate” roles to other areas.


4. Studies in the History and Evolution of GS


We considered the background to Korzybski’s works and the personalities that have been instrumental in its development.


5. Context and Contemporary Issues


Some “kindred and competitive” disciplines and their relationship to GS.


6. AGS Business


We considered possible topics for remainder of the year, based, for example, on:

a.     Revision / application of GS principles,

b.     Issues of “universal” concern to participants, such as health and fitness, long life,

c.     History and status of GS, including relationship to other disciplines,


7. ~ Close ~


Next Meeting: Mid-June presented by David:

“Developing skills in presenting GS formulations”

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