Australian General Semantics Society



AGS Monthly Seminar


September 2009 at Gavan's


“How to Live Longer

What's the latest in scientific research about how to live longer?

And how can GS formulations help us apply these research findings to our lives...?

Led by David



1. Catching-up

We “always” allow a little time for review of our lives and activities.

This month it was .


2. Introduction




10. AGS Business


We considered possible topics for remainder of the year, based, for example, on:

a.     Revision / application of GS principles,

b.    Issues of “universal” concern to participants, such as health and fitness, long life,

c.     History and status of GS, including relationship to other disciplines,

d.    Report on meeting some AGS enquirers in Melbourne.


7. Close


Next Meeting: Mid-October, to be presented by Dion:

“What stops us applying the Principles of GS?”


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