Australian General Semantics Society Inc.


Saturday 9th April 2022

10am Sydney time 


Facilitated by Mr Brett McDonald

An interactive seminar where we looked at the GS formulations and the problems they help solve, and tried to rate which ones give the most value to solving problems of unsane evaluating.

We considered "novelty" as seen from an experimental perspective,
a bit of history and current research,
then linked it to semantic and juxta common place associations we are more familiar with -
habit, discrepancy, forgetfulness etc.

Yep PhD was around a theory that encompassed novelty reactions in neuro-psychophysiology.



Brett's presentation (an MS-Word document)

Next meeting:  "Pacifism"
with Robert James

   Saturday 28th May 2022 10 am - 1pm (Sydney time),
   Friday 27th May 6 pm (Montreal, Ohio time).

   On-line, by Zoom: Click here to join the meeting

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This "summary" is a collection of notes derived from our discussion by a number of means.  It is by no means a scholarly dissertation on the subject as presented.  It does not purport to be the "policy of AGS".  Comment and criticism (constructive or otherwise) is welcome.  If anyone has been misquoted, copyrights infringed or confidences betrayed, please Contact us.

Updated by Robert James
10th April 2022