My Bushwalking Photo Gallery

These photographs have been taken on bushwalks or trips over the last ten years. They show some of my favourite walking areas.

Budawangs | Ettrema | Kosciusko | Namadgi | Nattai | Shoalhaven | Wadbilliga

I also have a gallery of photographs taken on overseas trips.


The Castle viewed from Shrouded Gods (25KB)

The Castle, Shrouded Gods viewed from Island Mountain (16KB)

The Castle viewed from Mount Nibelung (26KB)

The Tail of the Castle (and me) viewed from Mount Nibelung (27KB)

The Castle and central Budawangs viewed from near Pallin Pass on Mount Talaterang (21KB)

Paul Nicol negotiating the slot at Binari Pass to descend from Quilty's Mountain.

Ettrema Wilderness Area

Alan Davey on the cliffs opposite Rock Slabs Creek (21KB). Photo by Eric Pickering.

Another section of the cliffs opposite Rock Slabs Creek. Note the scale from the person near centre photo. (35KB)

Hamlet's Crown from the south. We were unsuccessful in our (time limited) attempt to climb it from here (31KB)

The route past the waterfall on Myall Creek. This is about 15 m up the cliff, and is described in Fitzroy Falls and Beyond (page 193) as "there is a short traverse with hand and footholds and although this is quite safe it is exposed". (36KB)

Kevin G admiring the scenery further up Myall Creek (40KB)

The pool at the camp site at the junctions of Boolijah and Danjera Creeks.

Kosciusko National Park

Blue Lake seen from the slopes of Mount Twynam (36KB)

The trig station on Mount Morgan (30KB). This historic summit cairn was destroyed by vandals sometime early in 1996.

The Murrumbidgee River above Tantangara Reservoir.

Namadgi National Park

Bimberi and the Upper Cotter Valley - an early morning view from Mount Kelly.

Walking towards Mount Kelly from the summit of Mount Scabby.

Mount Gudgenby viewed from the Boboyan Road.

Nattai National Park

A picturesque crystal clear pool and waterfall in Martins Creek Canyon (42KB)

Shoalhaven River

The river and cliffs below Long Point.

Crossing the Shoalhaven near the foot of Badgery's Spur.

Wadbilliga National Park

The crystal clear pools and distinctive pink granite of the Queens Pound River.

The Woila seen from Big Badja (18KB). The major peaks are Mother Woila, Tabletop, and Scout Hat.

Tabletop (and me) seen from Mother Woila (31KB)

Technical Details

These images are presented as approximately 450 * 300 true colour JPEG files. They will appear best when viewed with a system capable of displaying true colour - e,g. a 16 million colour video driver in Windows. However, they should be satisfactory on a 256 colour system, despite the known limitations of Netscape operating in this mode. Original 6 * 4 inch photographs were scanned at 100 dpi on an Epson flatbed scanner, saved as TIFF files, then resampled to 75 percent of original size in Paintshop Pro. They were then saved as JPEG files with a compression level of 20

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