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Welcome to my place on the web. Like so many other home pages, construction is ongoing...

Computing interests

FreeBSD powers most of my home network. My main workstation still runs OS/2 (Warp 4, FP12). I have another machine, normally running FreeBSD, that can be booted into messy OSes when absolutely necessary.

These days, my programming is mostly done in Python, C and shell. In times past I've done a fair bit of Fortran (mainly -77) and Pascal (ISO rather than Borland). I don't believe in trying to execute line noise so haven't used Perl.

I dabble in writing Open Source Software for, or porting it to, OS/2 and FreeBSD. What I have released to date is available here.

Non-computing interests

My major leisure activity is competitive marksmanship. I currently compete actively in Fullbore Rifle and Rifle Metallic Silhouette matches.

I enjoy photography, although I'm not much of a photographer - my gallery is here.

I like model aircraft too, but have suppressed the urges to get involved in the interests of domestic economy.

Like many others I have an interest in family history, however I've avoided getting too deeply involved in the research thus far... My embryonic efforts are here

Last updated: August 23, 2008