Mercurial is one of several Source Control Management systems that have been developed using Python that are adapted for the distributed development projects prevalent in the open source community.

Mercurial is currently the SCMS used by the Mozilla team for their projects, and I ported Mercurial as a small contribution to the ongoing porting of Mozilla packages to OS/2.

This port depends on the EMX port of Python 2.4. The port also depends on the emxrt module available from the Python extension modules page, however the Mercurial binary installation package includes a pre-built version of this extension so you don't have to build it yourself. - 
Mercurial v1.0.2 installation package (requires EMX port of Python 2.4); 457,456 bytes;
MD5=bbfff9f632c6f06a964122777e5e8c3d - 
Source patches and build info; 7,796 bytes;

Last updated: August 23, 2008