Python 2.4.4 port to OS/2

Python 2.4.4 was released on October 18, 2006. This port was released on January 1, 2007.

Please read the port's README file.

Python 2.4.4 download... -  the installation package; 4,928,106 bytes;
MD5=3317e1ec6b1cde37b37ebf605440edc1 -  the source patches and makefiles (no update since 2.4.2); 33,244 bytes;

Binary distributions of some significant/popular Python extensions for the 2.4.[234] port: - 
Numeric Python (aka NumPy) v23.1; 580,145 bytes;
MD5=732908885491b66fc6807f359a9a008a - 
Konrad Hinsen's Scientific Python v2.4 (requires NumPy); 414,395 bytes;
MD5=c428992e5e18e789fb604909cfc838ea - 
Aaron Watters's Gadfly DBMS module (as maintained by Richard Jones on Sourceforge, includes Aaron's kjbuckets module too); 379,747 bytes;
MD5=6c54d7e03342ca59896fdb8ced2c56b0 - 
Python Imaging Library, from Pythonware; 470,268 bytes;
MD5=eef5dea115f5234760d374e5b6ba1f8a - 
(16Jan05) mx-base collection of extensions, by Marc-Andre Lemburg; 1,015,778 bytes;
MD5=9656614e7eb16704ddf083f034376712 - 
PyGreSQL interface module to the PostgreSQL RDBMS; 387,477 bytes;
MD5=e277c806cb0e9cecea3d3b0599182c98 - 
Armin Rigo's Python Specializing Compiler; 139,910 bytes;
MD5=05081f30616e202fdb10151cd5f9ee9a - 
pysqlite DB-API 2.0 interface module to the SQLite embedded SQL database library; 29,595 bytes;
NOTE: requires the SQLite v2.8 package from the libraries page.

  1. All module packages have been built with the Python 2.4 port, but should work with the 2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 ports.
  2. The PyGreSQL modules can be used with Vincenzo Venuto's OS/2 port of PostgreSQL RDBMS, but are not dependant on it. PostgreSQL 7.3.2 is also available from the Hobbes archive, which now also has a pre-release port of PostgreSQL 8.0 prepared by Lorne Sunley (which should also work with this package).

The above files have been uploaded to the Hobbes OS/2 Software Archive, and should be in the /pub/os2/dev/python directory. Failing that, check the Hobbes incoming directory. Downloading from Hobbes is likely to be faster, particularly if you're not in Australia.

Ted Sikora has Zope 2.6.4 up and running on OS/2! You can get info and installation packages from his Zope on OS/2 page.
I'm also told that Plone 2.0 has been been brought up on Zope 2.7!

Users of BitTorrent on eCS should read the README file for information about TCP/IP issues.

I'm hoping to add more binary distributions of Python extensions for the 2.4 port over time.


There's an experimental release of Python 2.4.3 built with Innotek's toolchain and runtime library. This release is missing a number of standard extension modules, and has had very limited testing. I release it for serious users who wish to test its large file (2GB+) support and different networking code. BitTorrent testing most welcome! However please read the _README_1st file in the archive before installing and using this package.; 4,886,934 bytes; MD5=e58200c65283dda533801226d5541823.

NOTE 1: None of the above extension packages are compatible with this package, sorry.

NOTE 2: I am no longer in a position to support any of my OS/2 ports or software. The software packages will stay available from this site for the time being but will be removed at some point in the future. 19Jan2017

Other bits

The Python 2.3.x port is here (v2.3.5 released February 13, 2005).


Most credit has to go to the porters of older releases of Python: Jeff Rush (v1.5.2 and earlier - IBM Visual Age C++ compiler) and Andrew Zabolotny (v1.5.2 - EMX+gcc). Without their efforts, I wouldn't have released anything.

Last updated: January 19, 2017