Aslan Hierate

The Aslan Hierateis that area of space controlled by the Aslan race. The Aslan are a major race; their empire consists of some 17 sectors containing 7000 worlds.

Due to the nature of Aslan government, it is a rather loose confederation of worlds, run by independent clans with little central direction. The uniting force of the Hierate is cultural identity rather than nationalism. The common heritage and tradition of the Aslan, the concept of honour, the Trokh language, and the feudal ties between clans all bind the Hierate together.

The basic unit of Aslan society is the family (ekho), 2 to 12 Aslan under the leadership of a strong male (tao). Other family members include the leader's wife or wives, children, and various blood relatives of the leader. Several ekho combine under one dominant family to form a pride (ahriy), with the tao' of the dominant family also the leader (aewar) of the pride. A number of ahriy form a clan (huiha), with one dominant pride. Again, the prides owe their loyalty to the leader of the dominant pride (fouheh). Clans, in turn, may owe allegiance to other, stronger clans.

At the top of the Aslan governmental and social order is the Tlaukhu (council), which is formed by the 29 strongest clans. Many clans owe them fealty, either directly or through other clan allegiances. The Tlaukhu meet on Kusyu ( Kilrai' / Dark Nebula ), the Aslan homeworld.

(ALIENS-1, 1111; MT-ALIENS2, 1120)

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