Diskhili Maneuver

A dangerous starship maneuver used to evade neutrino or EMS detection.

As popularised by Commander Diskhili during the Interstellar Wars, a ship enters a system at a great distance. Once the attacker is on the proper ballistic course, to the target, it shuts down its power plant, thus interrupting its neutrino emissions.

Since it takes time to power up the plant, and the onboard capacitors can only supply the weapons and screens for about 20 minutes in combat, the maneuver is risky. Nevertheless, the advantage of slipping past the first ring of defenders is so great that some captains will risk it.

A more standard use of this maneuver is simply to power down to a lower emission level. An enemy, detecting this low level, may underestimate the vessel's strength.

(GR-SURVEY, 1111)

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